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  1. Geez, a guy leaves a place for a while, shows up for one post before he vanishes like a ghost again, sees a sadly bright new layout, and bam! Your allies of old are studying the ways of rabbits and a bridge collapses. Isn't that so "life"? Nothing is more respectful than making someone dress up like Beldandy. It was a cold autumn breeze that year, it felt a little like home. And yet...
  2. Yeah, that's about it too. Civil War is one of the biggest comic let downs I've ever read. It was annoying enough with the sheer amount of tie-ins there were, of which I only bothered to keep up with Thunderbolts, Spider-Man, and Punisher. But then instead of it being an epic story to influence the marvel universe, it was just a big prologue to a prologue, to a prologue for Initiative. It's as though the writers got really bored with the story, and just decided to give it an abrupt ending. Granted, it wouldn't really make any sense storywise to let the anti-registration folks succeed, but boooooy could they have pulled it off better. So many flaws in characterization, so many unanswered questions, and the awkward "road to civil war" with Thor's hammer and eventually the mighty Clor. A review I read was right. The only way the ending makes any sense is if Captain America completely forgets and forgives the numerous other attrocities of the pro-registration side. Treating villains as heroes, making idol-like toys for them (poor Jack Flag ), keeping "rogue" heroes in high-security prisons, contained, yet quite inhumanely. I may even have been a little more accepting if not for the way it was carried out. A bunch of paramedics, firefighters, and police officers, all of different nationalities and genders I might add, bring stop Captain America and bring him to a new revelation. As if to say, "See? Everyone, despite gender and color can be a hero if they want to be, and the true heroes are those in the emergency forces. Don't forget the heroes mini-series we made after 9/11 all!" Which is a fine enough message, but what a stale and corny way to display this idea. It was just such an uninspiring and weak event, especially when compared to the excellently written (despite the Superboy reality punches) Infinite Crisis. After Civil War was all said and done, no one really cares, and one has no reason to really go back and try to finish off the tie-ins. Sad as it is for me to say, being a Marvel fan all my life, as I've found the troubles more interesting to the common man with realistic morals, and vulnerable (yet never killable due to retconning, curses all!) superheroes, I have switched sides. A fallen Marvel fan, one who was willing to let the Spider-clone stuff go because he liked stories like Onslaught (despite many having a foul taste for it), I will now be spending my dollar toward more excellent comics like "The Trials of Shazam," "JSA," "Mystery in Space," "52," "Shadowpact," and especially "Justice." Sure Annihilation is pretty good, and maybe World War Hulk will win me back, but as it stands, I can only sit and wonder, "Couldn't they have hired a better writer? Planned the story out? Something? Anything less lame?"
  3. Just because it is Michael Bay, that is no excuse to not expect quality movies.
  4. Being a common perpatraitor of this act (the shadow act I call it, or so I will from now, having made the name up right here), I have to say that I can relate to your bro. Course I don't own a cell phone, mostly so that when I disappear people can't contact me, and I'm 19, and I don't do it to get out of appointments, so the scenarios are slightly different.
  5. Venom112

    Gears of War

    I refuse to get a 360 based upon the fact that it only comes in white. I mean, sure, there are skinz (emphasis on Z), but still. White? I'm sorry, I thought we lived in a melting pot, not some white power propaganda police state.
  6. I disagree, the creative differences are what make the various mediums worth engaging oneself in.
  7. Perhaps, but "In the Company of Men" is still a great movie regardless (not exactly the topic being discussed, but STILL relevent!).
  8. That's because people care more about bullshit than work ethic. It should also be mentioned that taking tons of hours and having the tendency to accept call-ins consistently shows that you're a bit of a pushover, which lowers your level of respect.
  9. Venom112

    Please help!

    Hemp is the most versatile plant on the planet. You can make anything out of it. Even diamonds! Granted, they look a lot rolled up grass more than a valuable "rock" but your sweetums will still love it. Because apparently, and I heard this through the grapevine, diamonds are a girl's best friend. And that difference is plant maturity! Kill 'em when they're young I always say. At least she's realistic right?
  10. It's all about the Crispix yo. Yo. Yo-yo, it would be cool to have a yo-yo in a cereal box. Man I miss prizes in boxes, but now it's all about proofs of purchase, and I'm just too lazy or uninterested to care. I wants me a color changing spoon when dipped in chilled milk!
  11. Ah shucks. Now this future cure is either bound to go missing or be claimed to be too hazardous.
  12. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14379566/?GT1=8404 Getting closer to solving this case gang! Jinkies, whoda thunk it was ol' Mr. Karr, unless this is another set up! But why? Kill Jonbennet to get closer to Spanish doubloons? It doensn't make sense! To the haunted house!
  13. Well, actually, rich people pay lower taxes than everyone else. percentage-wise. To be fair: 1. You're taking amendments out of context. 2. As far as I recall, laws tend to apply mainly to the living. 3. They are dead, it is a very reasonably seizure.
  14. Venom112


    Which finally proves, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that cigarettes not only provide a memory benefit from the smooth taste of nicotine, but they also save lives!
  15. Trust me, on my recent trip to CA (and by recent I mean last year), the heat was ridiculous. Granted, I'm Minnesotan, so the heat is amplified many times over to me, but San Jose just about destroyed me. Being exposed to direct sunlight was a risk taken only if no other option presented itself. Course I know what you mean roundabout winter, because Minnesota has winters that living things cannot survive in, but we're crazy that way. On the plus side, cold weather has proven to stimulate the stock market, and thus the economy. This is because cold weather makes people take risks, and warm weather makes people lazy.
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