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  1. 4,436 bottles of beer on the wall, 4,436 bottles of beer I can't believe it's not butter! 'Cause it's beer not on the wall! It's in my belly! ( ^o^) <3 4,435 bottles of beer on the wall
  2. Anime Gee

    The "What are you currently drinking?" Thread

    Beer. It's what's for dinner. (^_^ ) <3
  3. Anime Gee

    RT: Thirteen

    Tell me about it. (^o^ )
  4. Anime Gee

    AE Viewing/Reading Journal: Born Again.

    Re-necromancing here! Hahaha! Cool beans. I'll look for it. (^o^ ) <3
  5. Anime Gee

    It's amazing I tell you.

    Ah yes! My old thread is still here! Man! It has been about 5 years & a few months since I've posted on this forum. Been very busy. The Anime Gee is now 41 & getting close to 42. No medical issues yet! Still like anime. Still play video games, though not as much as I used to. Still working in the Structural/Civil Engineering field. That never seems to end. Still married. Happily too. No kids yet. Bought a house a few years back. Have traveled to a few places. Going to Japan for the first time later this year. Yeah. Doing the life thing. Mr. Jones is still around, although he's married & has some kids. Poor sucker got screwed. Hahaha! So yeah! Provided that anyone is still here, what have you been up to? I take it that a lot here have moved on to better & more wonderful things & maybe a few have, well..... maybe have not had it so good. Hopefully that's not the case.
  6. Anime Gee

    what film/tv ep did you last watch?

    Last film I saw was "The Perfect Game" on Netflix.
  7. Anime Gee

    What are you listening to?

    Los Amigos Invisibles - "Yo No Se"
  8. 4,443 bottles of beer on the wall, 4,443 bottles of beer, you take one down, you pass it around, 4,442 bottles of beer on the wall.
  9. Anime Gee

    It has been years.

    Fine. It seems like everyone is gone now. I just swung by today to see the forum.
  10. Anime Gee

    AE Viewing/Reading Journal: Born Again.

    ^ Good to see that you're still in the anime game. I've been watching Moyashimon lately.
  11. Anime Gee

    What are you playing?

    Just got a Wii a few weeks ago & have been hacking away at Super Mario Wii. Also downloaded some old NES, SNES, & TurboGrafx-6 titles on it. I've been getting my nostalgia fix! (^o^ ) <3
  12. Anime Gee

    Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    So what's new here? I've been gone for a long time. Almost like eternity. Hahaha!
  13. Anime Gee

    It's amazing I tell you.

    Oh man! It's been a long time since I posted here. Been insanely busy. Life gets busier as you get older or something. Sucks! Enjoy your youth while it lasts. Remember to not grow up so quick 'cause once you do, you'll wish that you never did & will want to be young again! We're going to wait a bit & have some fun for now. Then we'll pop out a little Gee. Haha! If I ever go up that ay, I'll keep you in mind. My wife & I do like to travel quite a lot.
  14. Anime Gee

    It's amazing I tell you.

    Ah yes! Checking in to the old thread. Life has been quite busy for me. Got married, career is moving along, & it seems like I never have enough time to do anything anymore. Yeap. That is the life of a dude filled with too many things to do!
  15. Anime Gee

    I want to bang bukimi so fucking hard

    Yes it does. Hahaha!! ( ~o^) <3 Damn! I haven't heard that tune in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. (^o^ ) <3