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  1. Yeah. I would definitely stick with doing stuff for the car companies. You can move up rather quickly or use that as experience for a far better gig down the road of life. (^o^ )
  2. ^ If you cut your hair, you would look a lot better clean shaven. If you plan on keeping your hair long, you need the facial hair. Just seems to balance out better. For the lack of a better phrase, you look kinda girly like without the facial hair & long hair. Hmmm.... ('_' ) ...?
  3. People always tell me that I never seem to age. Hahaha! That is a good thing I guess. I'll be 34 in November too. (^_^ ) Here's one with the future Mrs. Gee. Yes. This is the future Mrs. Gee in case anyone is wondering. Heh! ( ^o^) <3
  4. Here are a couple more. On the "I mean serious business" side. Hahaha! (^o^ ) <3
  5. http://movies.yahoo.com/news/movies.ap.org...dead-bangkok-ap This is really sad. I basically grew up watching him. (;o; )
  6. Take them as hard lessons in life that will remind you what happens if you repeat them. Yeap. (^_^ )
  7. I guess I'll find out within a few weeks or months. I'm on a car forum looking at people's problems with their cars. Some dude posted that he can't shift into gear after 10 minutes. His car has a hydraulic clutch system. Pretty basic stuff. His mechanic basically told him that he needs to open up the tranny. I'm like, "This dude's abotu to get ripped off! It's his slave and/or master clutch cylinder that is going bad & he's about to get charged a ton of money to pop open the tranny when the internals have nothing to do with the hydraulic system!!!! Egads!" So I tell the dude that he needs to run a few basic steps to test the hydraulic system. I mean, REALLY FUCKING BASIC STEPS that even a 5 year old child can do. The steps are: 1. Take battery & intake out of car. 2. Get a friend to pump clutch pedal. 3. Look at the slave cylinder action. 4. Look for leaks in or around slave & master clutch cylinder. 5. Check to make sure that the slave keeps moving at the same speed & same distance during all the pumping. And there it is. If the stupid slave stops moving, slows down, or or travels less, the issue is right there in the hydraulic system. If either the slave or master fail, might as well do both, since the other is going to fail within a short period of time. Issue solved. So what does the guy do? His mechanic still tells him that he needs to replace the clutch & he already ordered it. I have been working on cars forever! Fuck! I know hydraulics like Einstein knows the theory of relativity! Hahaha! I took a few years of physics & hydraulic classes in school. But yeah. I can only help so much. Ah. To top it off, some other dude read his problem & pretty much agreed with what I had posted. A lot of those people on that forum don't know a piston from their mother's titty. The few that do are rare. Some people don't even know how to remove their wheels & yet they "autocross" or "road race". I'm like, yeah..... ('_' ) ... Haha! OK! ( ^o^)/ <3
  8. Wow! I had totally forgotten about this thread. I have yet to see the movie. I will try to go see it this weekend. (^o^ ) <3
  9. Do not worry young man. Before you know it, you'll be doing some pretty awesome stuff wherever you end up at! (^o^ ) But yeah. Sometimes you gotta go through the shit jobs to get to the good jobs. Sometimes you have to go broke working somewhere, just to gain the experience & move on to a better job that pays welll. In the end, it's a lot of sacrifice, but if you get to where you want to go, you'll realize that all the sacrifices that you made were well worth it. I'm almost at the "all the sacrifices that I made were well worth it" stage. Hahaha! ( ^o^)
  10. So yeah. I've been busy with lots of random things lately. Lots of random things going on & junk. Nothing bad. Just random stuff. Hahaha! But yeah. I have been trying to get a job with Walt Disney Imagineering. I have sent my resume, cover letter, & junk. I'm currently in the whole process of trying to get a job with the City of Los Angeles as well. I would prefer working at Disney over Los Angeles, but I do keep my options open, though. I do like the idea of being involved with some pretty crazy projects at Disney, but working for the city will also have some neat projects as well. It's Sunday evening on the west coast & everything's fine. All is good & tomorrow will be a new day. (^o^ ) <3
  11. That is one weird relationship there. Call me old fashioned or whatever, but I don't share my woman & if I found out that my woman was with another man, it's pretty much over. I guess I'm too old & have to much dignity to be dealing with shit like that. Well young man! You pretty much did the right thing. Yeap! I can pretty much tell you that you feel like you totally need her, but in reality you don't. No person should have to put up with crap like that. I don't know how you did it, but you did. Now that you seem to be getting older, you are realizing what you want & what you don't want. Don't worry about hurting her feelings for now. Look at all the things she did to you & all the shit she put you through. Speak the truth! If you don't want to be with her, then tell her. Life is a bitch & always full of unfairness. One will not always want to hear what one wants to hear, so one has to learn how to fucking deal with it. So yeah! Time to move on, get a job, & try someone new out! I want to hear what happens. ( ^o^)/
  12. Ah yes. You are a very pretty young lady. I bet all the soldiers on base are trying to hit on you constantly. Just kick them in the nuts for now. Haha! (^o^ ) <3
  13. Hahahaha!!! Mr. Jones & I are the anti-yaoi. We're very pro-YURI, but I guess it's all cool. Hahaha! (^o^ ) <3 So yeah. We're all a bunch of crazy fucks on this forum, but pretty good people for the most part. Just stick around for a bit. Seems like everyone that joins will only post a couple of times & then leave.
  14. ^ Heh! (^o^ ) <3 Work. I actually ended up staying until 7 AM. At times, it seems like I have no life. All I do is work, work, work. I need a vacation. My stupid passport already expired too. I need to renew it. I think I'm going to take a long road trip through California, though. ( ^_^) <3
  15. It's 4:34 in the fucking morning on the west coast & I have been up since 7 am yesterday! \(>o< ) #@!*
  16. Hmmm... What is that you want to do once you get out of school? Basically, what is your realistic "dream job"? My unrealistic "deam job" was to eventually start up a car company, but at the way things are going, I highly doubt that will be happening. Next step would be engineering suspension & chassis bracing for certain cars, but that has gone down hill too. Now I'm doing random Structural/Civil Engineering projects that involve houses, apartments, condominiums, buildings, retaining walls, water works, roller coaster, & stuff. Not really my ultimate "dream job", but it does keep me entertained a bit. Heh!
  17. You doing Mechanical or Electrical engineering or physics?
  18. ヽ(^。^)ノ That is all I have to say.
  19. And there you have it young man! Just like I always say. When you least expect it, someone else will come along & fill in the shoes of the last person & they usually fill them in better too. (^_^ )
  20. Holy dog shit! Hahaha! I registered at AnimeNation sometime in 2000, but then they crashed & I didn't register back there until about 2002 or so. It used to be green & black if I recall. I've been on the innanets for too many years! (^o^ )
  21. I want to know & understand everything. That is all. (^_^ )
  22. I'm with these 2. I prefer natural colors. (^_^ )
  23. I want to live in Bishop, California. http://wikimapia.org/#lat=37.3600611&l...amp;m=h&v=2 It's a nice little town tucked away in the valley, far away from most metropolitan cities. It's right next to so many forests too. The great outdoors would just be a jump, skip & a hop away every day. (^o^ ) <3
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