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  1. Man, was it just me or did the part where I was squeezing my chair and looking around the theater to see if anyone else had a similar reaction. And why aren't there more posts here...? The movie was really something.
  2. So, recently I've really been getting into these one-off dark Gothic Metal-propelled side projects, namely Havayoth and The Candles Burning Blue. I am requesting recommendations of other bands along the lines of those two.
  3. Chris

    The Metal Thread I

    The new Alestorm album's pretty cool. I'm sure they'll evolve into Korpiklaani. Since it's a promo, the singer tunes in at the beginning of each song and goes, "Yargh, you're listening to the new Alestorm album, Black Sails at Midnight. Remember, piracy is a crime!" Absolutely agree. It's made worse by the fact that Galder said that he'd never worked harder on an album.
  4. How can you honestly say that Falling Into Infinity is better than Octavarium?
  5. Aside from the god-awful song choices, my biggest bone to pick is with the Adrian Veidt adaptation. From the start, he's made out to be a villain. Though he's justifiably arrogant, he's not that charming guy he is in the graphic novel. Instead, I think viewers of the flm who haven't read the novel will think, "Oh, this guy's up to something." It weighs down on his grandeur. Overall though, I loved the film. The first hour was spot on, and even though some stuff was left out, I think the positives outweigh the negatives. The alternate ending was far from terrible. It has its loopholes, but I
  6. Chris

    Status Report

    Now: Listening to neglected music and reading wookiepedia. Later: Laughing at Attack of the Clones with a group of friends. Later later: Getting to my homework...
  7. Chris


    There's another draft on April 13. They'll probably give him a run with the ECW title, draft him to Smackdown! or something, and then put some other guys on ECW so they could get ratings. I can't see E&C staying apart very long...
  8. About a minute ago, a friend and I just started screaming the choruses of Michael Jackson songs.
  9. Chris


    Jeff Hardy is so fucking metal. http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/5069/hardyismetallw1.jpg
  10. Chris


    I think he's slowly transcending the heel role. He told Kelly Kelly that he simply used her, yet the crowd had zero reaction and cheered him just the same. I remember watching the Canadian broadcast of Raw and RKO chants were breaking out.
  11. Chris


    With a rub like that right before the Rumble, it's pretty obvious that Orton's going to win. I wouldn't be surprised to see him and Jericho as the final two. Some internet marks are calling it Orton's 3:16, but we'll see how that plays out. I get to watch the PPV for free, because my college orders them all =)
  12. You should totally buy a Penfield mood organ.
  13. Chris


    Finalized my spring semester courses... Monday / Wednesday / Friday - 11:00-11:50AM - Inventing Modernism - 12:00-12:50PM - Experiments in Creative Writing - 2:00-3:15PM - A First Course in Philosophy (just MW) Tuesday / Thursday - 9:30-10:45AM - Abnormal Psychology - 11:00-12:15PM - The Nature of Human Nature - 2:00-3:15PM - Modern World Civilizations - 3:30-4:45PM - The Personal Essay
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