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  1. -damn you video! Load so I can watch new episode of the L Word... -I miss my roommate =\
  2. -I'm very angry at my Calc professor right now given for assigning what appears to be an undoable math problem for homework. -I have to pee lalalala~ -amagawd it's like 3 am
  3. Weirdly enough, I was going to join the fencing team, but they had practice on the day that BU's LGBT group was meeting and I decided that was far more important to me. If I weren't gay, I'd know your sister. :hardgay:
  4. Really? That's pretty cool. I doubt I'd know her though, because I'm a freshman and hardly know anyone at BU who isn't a freshman.
  5. Wow. My best friend just started confessing to me how she's having doubts about her sexual orientation and asking me to help her figure it out and all I can think to say is "Kiss a girl and see if it feels right." ><;;;
  6. Oh, she knows I'm planning on rooming with my current roommate for all 4 years of college (most likely) but she wants to room with both of us. And to top it off, her dad is best friends with the guy who runs all of BU's housing, she she can pretty much pull any strings she likes.
  7. -This chick wants to room with me in college next year and I don't know how to say "I don't want to room with you because you're a psycho" without actually saying it. -I kind of might be going on a date soon assuming this girl likes, and I think she does. So yay. =D =D =D -Fuck school. I'm tired of reading about evolution and Emile Durkheim.
  8. My school had a Drag Ball last week and I went. <333 Picture of myself from that night.
  9. Pft, you so should have come to BU instead. =P Without the exception of a certain girl that's confusing the shit out of me right now, everything is excellent. Lesbians don't live in South Dakota. =P Duh.
  10. Yeah I've been pretty wrapped up in college and work and shit. =\
  11. sjdhkdfnmbldiufkjdlf I hate getting mixed signals from girls because I can never tell what they mean ><;;;; and I can't find my goddamn homework assignment on the internet so I can't fucking do my assignment for tomorrow.
  12. I'm in this retarded love triangle thing and I'm not sure how I feel about this. =\
  13. Who doesn't want to have sex with Luna? :hardgay:
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