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  1. I'm still here. James_xeno@yahoo.com
  2. If you still need a few more players.. i'll join.
  3. This is looking great so far. Can't wait to see/read more. I've always been a big fan of the art style of the series. Edit: Didn't see that before.The Japanese release date isn't too far off, if it holds. (this year) --- **** SEGA of America! On a side note.. I wonder if they ever gave a true definitive ending for the first PSU's mains? (Ethan I think, and Karen)
  4. At this one web sim game I sometimes visit, NationStates. Users were greeted at login to big red warning messages telling them that "There have been 337 bad login attempts since your last successful login," and just under that message was another one saying "Warning: You have made too many Regional Message Board posts in a short period of time." Even edited national mottos to things like “-~==HAXX0RED==~- Choose a better password next time! ha ha" Plus a few other things. They did something for the NS forums as well. (seeing as a lot of people, like myself, only really use the forums now) Everyone got the rank of admin, bolded red names and all. --- Nice one. lol On a side note... That has to be one of the worst comment layout styles i've ever seen.
  5. You think it's "awesome." ......... :mellow:
  6. Merry Christmas. Hope everyone has a good one.
  7. Late Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope you all had a good day.
  8. 1. Football 2. Hockey 3. Baseball 4. 5. 6. Basketball 7. 8. Nascar 9. 10. Boxing/MMA ... 38. Soccer/Tennis NFL yes, College not so much. Personally, High school > (modern) College Football in a lot of cases. Of course, I do live in Western Pennsylvania. So that might have something to do with it.
  9. Way to go Pens and Wings, for such a great series! That said though.... Another for the black and gold. What can I say, it is the city of champions.
  10. Token pick, did anyone really expect less. She seems to probably be qualified and experienced enough. Has a few troubling issues which she needs to try and get better addressed though. Such as the shameful and quite offensive comments about race. Or how she and said views fit into the much, much more disturbing and revolting issue of Obama's "empathy" requirement. But overall, i'd have to say that the jury is still out.
  11. In the US, among the white members of society, yeah. The Ayaran nations and KKK may be the only major such groups left... But the world, and even this country, is a big place. To write off racism as only a US/western or white problem, is just ignorance in the extreme. As is the idea that the end and/or atrophy of some of the major racist groups means we no longer have to worry about racism or that it is no longer an issue. I mean I'm not saying that it definitely is or isn't still one, only that you can't go and say "all clear" just because of that.
  12. Ignoring the nearly unparalleled awesomeness of it for a sec.. How do you see this and other technologies like it effecting the world? Also... Who the fuck came up with these names!?!
  13. Doesn't matter! The ship is registered under the US flag. EOS Nice try though.. :rolleyes:
  14. It looks like he may be a lot older then previously claimed. (like 17-19) In international waters. Captured on-board a ship registered under the US flag. If you mean legally. well that's not an issue. We have anti-piracy laws and... And just for the record. high seas = international waters Still not seeing a problem here.
  15. And the problem with him being charged here is? 1. Just what is it that you think this says? 2. Who gives a sh!t... well you do, but why should anyone else? Laughable how?
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