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  1. Hi......

  2. Scarface goes to Jail

    Is Scarface still around? I live really close to St. Pete now.
  3. RANDOM THOUGHTS 12: New Update

    I'm kinda amused that I could remember my password for here but for the life of me can't remember the forum I ditched out of to join here for. I wasn't even part of the original migration or anything. XD
  4. The passing of one of our members

    Can we please have this deleted? It's bad enough he wasn't banned for it but I think everyone but him will agree this has NO place in here.
  5. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    I love how according to work rumors I've apparently been dating that guy a couple weeks now, and my bosses all think this is true and have been freaking out without ever asking one of us. So much for :ph34r:
  6. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    Speak of the devil. I guess we are off to Applebees. :ninja:
  7. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    I agree with the blunts, but I'd like to think I'm not a lying slut. ...I know how it is to blame an entire sex on way too many bad experiences though. :whistling:
  8. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

  9. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    Same old story really. That's probably why I feel so stupid asking for advice. Girl likes guy. Guy seems to like girl, but some guys are really good at just pretending to like girl to try and get to sleep with her. The major complication is that they work together. (And make a really good team, but he's trying to get transfered to a different position. If we were to start dating my work would require him to switch positions which has been making me curious about if thats why...) A couple weeks ago I was going through a rough time and got beyond stupidly drunk and he took really good care of me/didn't try anything, so props to him for that either way. ...But then a couple days ago he said it was hard for him to not try anything and things got complicated, because I had just been attempting to hide all feelings for him.
  10. Anyone play League of Legends?

    I don't play currently but have a coworker/group of friends who play, so I thought I'd see what people think of it before I give it a try since I'm pretty picky about games. Any thoughts on it? What do you like and don't like?
  11. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    lol, well gee thanks. :P
  12. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    I need advice. I dislike this because I never know who to ask...
  13. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    Come work with me. Never a dull moment. XD
  14. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    That sucks. I'm all torn because it's my day off (Friday) and I kinda wanna hang out with some of the friends I haven't seen lately, but I know it's bad for me if I do. So it's stressing me out I guess.
  15. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    I can't sleep.