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    League of Legends

    LoL is better for people who didn't get into competitive DotA. Try explaining creep denial to someone new and it'll barely make any sense to them. And, well, it's free.
  2. It also means there is far less that you must study and understand. I'd much rather have to study four different topics than eight.
  3. uh let's see 1 - Don't drink caffeine or energy drinks. That stuff is fine for twitchy playstyles, but if you're still learning to execute it's just going to fuck your execution up and make you more pissed off when you mess up. 2 - Read up on what you're trying to do. More often than not there is some shortcut that makes it much easier to do. Though sometimes these shortcuts come with a price (i.e. much lesser damage) and it may not be good to use that shortcut as a crutch in the long run, unless you are good at breaking bad habits. 3 - Calm down. Some people can still play when they're flying off the handle and getting pissed off at the game, but most people become noticeably worse when they are not 100% focused on the game. 4 - The fundamentals. High damage combos are good and all, but the fundamentals (reflexes, spacing, footsies, poking and counterpoking, defending and attacking) are what win games. It's suggested for majority of characters in most games to learn their high damage combos last because they are so reliant on fundamentals. 5 - Live with or near other people learning to play the game. Might not be something you have much control over, but it helps.
  4. Whenever those Sprint commercials come on where the guy talks about what stupid stuff people squander their time on with their phones I always think he's saying "orgy network" instead of "4G network".
  5. I bought a switchblade and have literally spent the last hour opening and closing it while vietnamese gangster rap plays in the background. I gotta say, today was a good day
  6. Mediocre doesn't begin to describe it. Dollhouse's casting makes me wonder how many STDs were handed out when they were doing auditions. Status report (thoughts about things pertaining to yourself) and RT (thoughts you happen to be thinking about, and since we are all conceited human beings, they are usually thoughts about things pertaining to yourself) are one and the same, imo. RT is just less serious than status report, that's all. I mean I'm not going to post "why can't i backhand a bitch or push her down the stairs" in status report while everyone is posting their sob stories and life experiences.
  7. David

    Status Report

    Blue Steel? Ferrari? Le Tigre? THEY'RE THE SAME THING Doesn't anybody else notice this?
  8. It's funny, Dollhouse's plot and setting seem like something that would do stupidly well as anime. As a live action show? CANCELLED. Though I'd chalk that up as shitty execution on the producers' parts. so anyway, what happens to all the kinda-RT-but-not-RT threads that were created during RT's absence do we let them try to coexist or do we combine them in a glorious cosmic explosion
  9. why can't i backhand a bitch or push her down the stairs
  10. 3 hours and RT delivers my proposed new top banner
  11. David

    Hey, its Aion

    I always ran in the Abyss solo, though I'd imagine anyone who isn't a Templar, Ranger, or Cleric would have a tough time doing so. You just have to play during offpeak hours (you could play during peak, but it'd probably be more efficient to just grind outside of abyss) and always being ready to drop everything and run for the towers the instant you see red diamonds/text. Make sure you have a chat window up that shows exclusively Enemy - Info. It'll alert you to any skill or item the opposing faction uses with a certain range (this range is greater than your radar's range, and unlike your radar, it is omnidirectional). At 31, I grinded Vengeful Spirits, and did Fire Temple runs when my legion was up for it. I stuck there until 35 (even though I was getting penalized exp then) until I had 58k points for abyss items. Ask other SMs where they grinded, since you typically want to grind monsters who have some weakness you can exploit. (For example, Viragos are fragile monsters with a powerful skill set... so Rangers naturally have a very easy time killing them, whereas Temps and Gladiators would not) Try the Aion Grind Optimizer (http://www.aionwh.com/). It'll help you find monsters to grind, though imo the best way is to find a good legion and just ask your higher ups where they grinded, since they'll also tell you about repeatable quests you should be doing and any quests with rewards that are absolutely worth getting (such as the +20%mspd shoes quest, or the lv38 jewelry set quest), or if your class is capable of grinding somewhere even better (SMs can start grinding lv38 elites at lv35, even lower than that maybe). I know people like to run in small legions with their friends, but if you need help... a big legion is usually able to help. You're going to be out of the loop about things like fortress raids or boss farming if you only talk to the same 10 people...
  12. David

    Hey, its Aion

    Each time you log in, take 5 minutes to let the spam stack up, then add each of the spammers to your block list. Block list actually blocks in channel chat now, not just in whispers anymore.
  13. David

    Anal sex;

    wait just what are you going to cvs for then http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/catalog/shop_product_detail.jsp?filterBy=default&skuId=238304&productId=238304 OH MY GOD
  14. David

    Anal sex;

    real drunk horny couples use the pill. real talk.
  15. David


    You kids and your desire to have private conversations with each other
  16. Doesn't seem that weird. 1-4pm is the boring part of the day anyway. I run Uberman. Naps at 2, 6, and 10am/pm.
  17. yall be disrespectin starmorpher's bday
  18. today is starmorpher's birthday. i want to see some starmorphers.
  19. The worst thing about this game is aiming at people not standing in the same plane as you. Combine that with taking 40 damage per bullet on Insane and you have a recipe for frustration... But as long as you steer clear of Insane (everyone just plays on Casual anyway), then that's the worst thing about this game. Nothing else to worry about.
  20. David

    Anal sex;

    you guys are just going to let this be the last post in this thread?
  21. Playing the new Wolfenstein. It's surprisingly open-ended for a first person shooter. I fucking hate how much BJ's head bobs while he's sprinting though. Shit gave me a headache, and makes me wonder who the hell lets their head bounce around like that while they run.
  22. David

    Final Fantasy XIV

    It could be some world where plants and fish are the most ferocious things on the planet, and fire goes wildly out of control if you try to cook or forge with it ...or we're gonna have Runescape 2
  23. If you're expecting to be the first KoF since 98 to not suck, then yeah. It feels like it was intended strictly for people who are already die-hard KoF fans - there's almost no attempt to draw in new players or teach them the game, and there's no silly business to unlock for casual fighting game players. Anyway, I'm on dat mahvel. I fucking suck against Cable players.
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