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  1. Well, let me put it this way, I would have at least watched the group a bit longer. You could see a guy turkey necking with an AK(they thought it was an RPG) around the corner(on the left) on one of the choppers first passes, and he does appear to fire(not on the chopper). And as for firing on the group in the van, let them clear the fucking bodies.
  2. Oh yeah, Colin. The world is shitting on you. I tend to be attracted to what I am NOT. And look at it this way, if your both similar, you WILL begin to see the little things that are wrong with you, through them.
  3. Oh and 85 level cap and some new bgs
  4. Two new playable races: -Goblins -Worgen revamped Azeroth with flying....
  5. It was excellent. A great step from 'Alive In Journburg"-Or whatever the short film its based upon was called.
  6. I just got my DK to 70. Now I have a 70 Lock and DK
  7. Computer Programming? IT specialist. Look online at some tech schools and you'll get an idea of the degrees.
  8. Angra-Heroes of Sand Then "Running Alone"
  9. Just jamming, heard the hippy guy I know is managing the gas station down the street again, maybe I can finally get that job down there. Gas Station ATTENDANT HERE I COME
  10. Oh my God. I've spent enough money on this to buy a car for about $3,000. My biggest army was a 3,500 point Dark Angels Space Marine Army. I also had 1,500 points of Tau, as well as Daemon Hunters and some Necrons. Its a really fun game and I absolutely love the modeling aspect of it, thats what always kept me coming back. But it cost way too much, and over time people stopped playing so I ended up selling all my shit. I've switched over to playing Necromunda(In the 40k universe, but gangs instead of armies). Its cheaper and I like the gang aspect, its a little more in depth
  11. Too proud to make amends, your faith it all depends?! Too scared to be alive, salvation suicide
  12. Kenflo should have worked more standup. He just pushed Penn against the cage and apparently thought BJ would get gassed.... Silva outclassed Forrest. It was excellent.
  13. Had court the other day for a probation violation. The judge 'unsuccessfully' discharged me and gave me a small fine. Its funny, I get off probation completely for violating it. lawl, pure lawl.
  14. Got bored with my 52 druid. Leveling a DK and have him at 66 right now.
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