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    Alright all you boys and girls, now men and women, come out of the woodwork and post. DRL has summoned you.
  3. Scarface goes to Jail

    He's still around, not in jail..yet. Currently our quest is to find old RPG clubbers who still exist on the internet.
  4. The EEE '10 Thread

    Can I just have a controller for the Xbox that doesn't have the worst d-pad ever? I am not getting my fat ass up to jump around in a damn game.
  5. What are you playing?

    Playing FF13, anyone know if you can play Xbox Originals and have private chat on the 360?
  6. Final Fantasy XIV

    I was reading earlier that they are keeping the job system from FFXI so here's hoping that Red Mage is gonna be included :D
  7. Dragon Quest IX (DS)

    Man this place is deader than my pancreas.
  8. ROMs and such

    The game I was looking for was this one if anyone cared to know: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neugier:_Umi_to_Kaze_no_Koudou
  9. Final Fantasy XIV

    Maybe this time we can all start together and be total noobs rather than me strolling up to Dyluck with him in his gay purple armor sans helmet and him crying about it.
  10. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

    So there any story spoilers yet that aren't in that moon language? I would love to know, no I can't wait to play the game and find out.
  11. Dante's Inferno

    I wish that Clive Barker was involved at least with some of the creature designs or the retelling.
  12. Mega Man 10 announced

  13. New Lufia game in the works!

    I swear, this is a classic that really didn't need to be tampered with, but shit do you suck that remake tit there buddy.
  14. New Lufia game in the works!

    Yeah well, I look forward to this being the new Lunar Dragon Song.
  15. New Lufia game in the works!

    Sometimes I like my memories to remain in the past, and not expanded on in graphic, un-needed, horrifying, and apparently arousing for you, detail.