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  1. Scarface

    The Members List

  2. Scarface

    Member Search

    It's like finding a needle in a haystack. I need a member list to sift through, also give me emails in these bozos profiles so I can digitally stalk mother fuckers. Geez.
  3. Scarface

    Comprehensive AE Console Username / Friendcode List

    What I need are emails.
  4. Scarface

    What are you playing?

    ff14, mario and stardew valley.
  5. Scarface

    top 10 rpg poll

    Yeah, any and all. The more variety, the better.
  6. Scarface

    top 10 rpg poll

    Hi gang. Random conversations with my coworkers led me to do this. I'm gathering as many people that are willing to give me their top 10 favorite rpgs of all time. I want to see what the masses consider. If you want to participate (I'd love to get over 100 people's list) please send me a pm with your list in order can I can give them points. I'm asking for pm so everyone's list is individual and so another person's list doesn't affect/alter/adjust you own games. Any and all games you would consider are fine. I've gotten plenty of obscure games so far. The more people I can get to participate, will result in a better overall listing. So please join in, and when I'm satisfied with enough lists, I plan to tally up the totals and make a grand project that I will share with you all. Thanks again. Scar, out!
  7. Scarface

    What are you playing?

    Wild arms on my vita.
  8. Scarface

    Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    I tried to log into the Animenation forums the other day... Still banned. LOL
  9. Scarface

    FREE: Final Fantasy XI server

    Hey gang! If you didn't know, now you do. To any and all Final fantasy XI fans out there. There is a FREE FFXI server up and operational. It has been up for just around a year now. Here are some of the things that makes it an awesome place: Level 75 cap still: I never played past the 75 cap, but I heard bad things. Exp is gained four times as fast: The grind is not as annoying now. All skills (ALL) easier now: Crafting is fun! You can max out parry! You run 1.5 Xs faster: No more getting beat up from behind when you are running from aggro. Drop rates are slightly improved. You can sell more than 7 items on the AH at the same time, also no stocking fee. Quest rewards give you more money: Makes quest hunting actually viable now! and much more. http://myera.info/forums/index.php Here's the sight to go to if you are interested. The population is growing by the day. I'd love to see some people I know come out and try this experience out with me. My in game name is Scar. If you have any questions, throw down a reply or whatever. Peace~
  10. Scarface

    It has been years.

    Unlikely. People grew up, that's what made the posting slow down.
  11. Scarface

    What are you playing?

    I have recently gotten my hands on a free version of Final Fantasy 11. I haven't played the game in like 3 or 4 years, so it has been LOADS of fun jumping back into Vana 'diel again. It's Free! The community is small, granted. But everything is user friendly and there are about 100-200 people on during peak hours. That means a lot of issues with people stealing NMs and camping issues. I like it.
  12. Scarface

    AE Viewing/Reading Journal: Born Again.

    Attack on titan was fun. I saw all three berserk movies....those were awesome. third one hadn't been translated yet, so we saw that one subbed. other then that the cast was surprisingly much of the same with the anime.
  13. Scarface

    Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    People I have met IRL from AE/AN. Fezz, Lackshmana, Kilikabeast, Hiko, PMASkater, uh... Think that's it... I don't know much about you fuckers as it seems.
  14. Scarface

    what film/tv ep did you last watch?

    I've been watching Arrow recently. Prolly the most love I have ever shown Ollie Queen. I'm digging it so far.
  15. Scarface

    New Zelda Old World

    3DS Bundle pack coming soon!