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  1. Yeeeep I have done lots of animating. Well, 2D at least, I've just begun my 3D courses and in the beginning we just focus on modeling techniques and getting used to Maya's interface. And yes, it probably is as agonizing as you think it is and then some. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes its' really easy, just depends on what you are animating. Either way it takes a lot of work and refining. I pretty much only get about 8 hours of sleep a week when I have to do animation projects such as right now.
  2. It's for my animation pre-production class. Over the term we've been developing a 2-3 minute animated short (just the pre-production stuff) so we have to make a production bible and whatnot for it. These were some production storyboards and conceptual art colored to show the art direction in some shots.
  3. THREAD FUCKIN' REVIVAL D< This is some pre-production stuff I've been working on for class.
  4. I started playing GTAIV again. I found a save file that was near where I was in the main game but instead of doing missions I've had a lot more fun just going around and beating the hipsters up, throwing beer bottle at their heads, and pushing them into traffic. Fucking hipsters...
  5. The only thing I don't like about The Walking Dead show is having to wait a week between each episode.
  6. I have a new found respect for texture artists in games. UV texturing is such a pain in the ass and yet it's such a simple concept.
  7. Wtffffffffff my GTA IV game save file got deleted off of my PS3 somehow. I hadn't even finished the game yet. Duuuuuuuuuumb.
  8. Man I hate when I get to the lab, only to realize I left my headphones at home. Laaaaaaaaaaaame.
  9. Man... Pandora really is like the best thing ever.
  10. I really want to go shootan' but I don't think I'll have time for like another three weeks. :<
  11. I would go with DR2. I never got to play the first one but the second one looks to have a lot of replay value and just a good enjoyable game overall. There are so many games out this month that I'm having trouble picking which I want to get first but I'm thinking it might be DR2. Vanquish looks really pretty but yea, from what I have read it's super short and there's not a lot of replay value to it. And Enslaved isn't really worth full price to me. I'd suggest waiting until it's dropped in price before getting it.
  12. My friend just uses his to pay for gas and really small stuff like sodas and lunches. His bill is pretty small each month and is never even close to his limit unless he uses it for an emergency. But at least he builds credit and it isn't super stressful since he makes plenty of money to cover it. I'm still against getting one really. I'll get one when I've got a full time job and am more financially stable all around but I work less than 20 hours a week and have a $250 car payment on top of other expenses that I would just be screwing myself if I got a credit card I couldn't pay off.
  13. Maaaaan. This weekend blows. It went by too fast and I didn't even get anything done. I'm so burned out after doing nothing but homework for the last 4 weekends and I still have yet to do what I have for this weekend.
  14. Picked up my new handgun yesterday. Woooot. Smith&Wesson M&P in 9mm. :]
  15. Thanks bro. I am glad I just get to wear that vest now. I was saving it for the wedding but now it's casual use. This one is actually my favorite.
  16. I am attending my first ever wedding tomorrow. I am kind of excited, but right now I am really not enjoying that fact because now I have to stay up all night finishing assignments so I can turn them in early since I won't be in class. Plus I have to work in the morning. Fuuuuu
  17. http://www.ballisticpublishing.com/books/ I need all of theeeeeeeeeeeeese. I hate being broke. :[
  18. Wow. I hate looking back at the animations I did in my basic animation class. So awful xD
  19. I am so pissed at my PC right now. I want to throw it out into the street. I am about to rage like those dudes in the Gamefly commercials
  20. I've had such a lazy day. It felt good to get most of my homework done before the weekend so I got to relax for once on my day off. But now I am really not looking forward going to work tomorrow. We've been uber slow the last few weeks so I'm just gonna be bored for 9 hours straight.
  21. That's why I go to art school. Except now that I am in 3d stuff it's starting to get really technical so I feel like I am in math again even though I don't actually do any math.
  22. Makil


    My current schedule for the Fall. I picked up a minor in Illustration. It's only 7 classes but there is so much overlap between Animation and Illustration that I might just make it my second major. Animation Pre-Production Techniques MW 130-350 Animation Timing TTH 530-650 Animation 3D1 TTH 7-850 Intro to Illustration MW 530-650 Critical Thinking TTH 1230-150
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