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  1. *clicks New Content button* ....how appropriate?
  2. I miss drunk texts. You can usually extract a lot of information out of someone that way.
  3. I heard I need to ban some people here. If you're reading this, you're probably banned.
  4. I kind of want Castlevania and can not adequately explain why.
  5. I FINISHED MY PROJECT But my girlfriend's DSL line broke and I don't know how to fix it.
  6. You were warned, Coffee. I don't make the rules. I mean, I do. But fuck you.
  7. Megaton: I have gotten nothing done today except make the logo IT IS A NICE LOGO THOUGH
  8. I beat Dead Rising 2 today! Then I started a new game and let Katey die while I won $3 million at the slot machine
  9. Yeah my iphone is pretty awesome. Ceraziefish, get Bit.Trip Beat.
  10. I hope these aren't related I don't want to sneeze and then accidentally ban someone (Siendra)
  11. Alright, let's just say tensions are running high for any number of reasons and leave it there. I like to think I know all of you well enough to say that none of you are actually assholes, sociopaths, or petty. Unless you're Tom Petty. In which case you are awesome and you should PM me about a new CD. I don't think anyone meant anything disparaging about Coffee and if they did, they're probably not thinking rationally or regret it. Coffee is a big girl, she probably understands. So let's just drop it. Amy wasn't my best friend or anything, but she wasn't a total stranger. We interact
  12. I haven't gotten drunk in a year and a half.
  13. I spent a lot of my day playing Spider-Man on the DS. It's surprisingly good!
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