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  1. Kid Dynamite - Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems
  2. way to level past me vinny im outta time too fuck youll probs have a mount before i get the cash to play again
  3. i take credit for ruining his life once again
  4. Ding, 31 i have been playing far too much
  5. FFXII Kingdom Hearts 2 WoW Burnout Paradise
  6. YAY lvl 13! this is gonna take a while and im afraid to admit that skull rock is being a bitch to me
  7. i just stared on gorefiend artie plays it, and nuttys always on
  8. This was one of the go-to games for dreamcast it was great
  9. Drake


    Name's DieselTrain i know lulz
  10. Drake


    im an Orc Warlock on Gorefiend i look forward to our times together nutty
  11. Drake


    I just decided, against my better judgement, to play WoW I downloaded the trial, and it doesnt look like im gonna be doing much constructive this vacation
  12. whiskey is really hard, but i like it also, ive had a lot of fun with a bottle of gin before as for beer party beer: Coors Light good beer: Guinness or Heineken
  13. vodka's the fun drink but rum is among my favorites
  14. yup, why the fuck not you take a backseat to /yabb though
  15. Drake

    Rock Band

    Boston pack is soo crucial so is still alive i really need to get some live point cards
  16. I know a good amount of people here, and I've had an account for quite some time, so i might as well inform those aforementioned acquaintances that im gonna post regularly now
  17. Why aren't we spreading napalm is a better question. Damn treehuggers!
  18. Stuff that pisses Artie off Me, cats, the government, MTV, MTV2, Emos, people who kill him in any game, Miss Wentworth, and gay movies.
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