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  1. Aww...you outgrew the Harry Potter look. I remember that..took a while to get you to post one too.
  2. Unfortunately gas is $1+/- CDN per liter in Alberta. Tough luck we have.
  3. Reinas


    TIMMIES In my dream I realized I loved Timmies coffee. I used to dislike it, but the dream...it was like an epiphany.
  4. On a more serious note, Russia could be claiming the oil and gas deposits found down there. Canadian government might be giggling at this now (well so are the rest of us) but if Russia is more insistent, Canada won't back down easily. Oil and gas. It's a big thing around here.
  5. Mmm, who knew this topic could get a strong reaction from you all. Agreed. Land claim issues isn't as simple as 'give back land to their original owners'. Canada does have a black mark in land claim issues and Aboriginal rights in the past, where they weren't always treated with respect that every human being deserves. Property and rights have been revoked from them, and how others have taken it can be called ruthless. Land has been given back to Aboriginal populations in the form of reserves and they are also given the right to self-government. But this land claim issue in Ontario is more than just 'taking back land that was ours'. That land may have been previously owned by Aboriginals, but often these land claims contain important resources for large urban/rural populations in provinces. Canada may be a vast country with natural resources that seem abundant but that's pretty much far from it. Some land claims have fallen in areas with large bodies of water that is needed for a city but cannot be accessed due to land claims. Think about it. Ontario has one of the largest, if not the most populous province in Canada. Where are they going to get the resources they need to survive, if not from within their own borders? Land claims may stem from being poor, but so aren't others in Canada? Land claims may stem from the fact that 'it was always ours' but isn't that a little selfish? The government has already fullfilled much of their land claims so how much more land can the government give away before there's nothing left for everybody else?
  6. Agreed. But...but...my seatbelt bothers me as well. Solution? Keep adjusting seatbelt and.. LOCK THE THREAD. Yay!
  7. No! Not our ice! Anything but our ice. :(
  8. I apologize, I did not realize going for a Timmies run for some chocolate Danish would insult you all. I get how it makes some feel special. Not that I called anyone a retarded n00b. I thought we weren't OMG SRS BSNS. Yet post count seems important that it's gotten so much silly attention more than once. SRS BSNS? Isn't one discussion on it enough for everyone? Dude, I wish I was Elite. Then I'd be hot 'coz I'm fly and you ain't...er nm. But if my posting has offended you so much I'll leave for a Timmies run.
  9. Oh good god, I don't know if it was accidental or on purpose! Everyone in this thread has been basing all their assumptions and jumping to conclusions based on ONE article. Nevermind any other circumstances that the article does not mention. What about the parent's health and financial status? Education status? What if the mom couldn't breastfeed the baby? But forget about all that. So...is this the special case in which we focus entirely on what the article says to be true and maybe not speculate the fact that it is a media article and could perhaps be biased in some sort of way? No, no let's not. THEY KILLED THEIR BABY!! End of story! :rolleyes:
  10. Sumo Lounge is the place to go for sushi here. They serve it in a boat but you don't get to keep the boat. Peach Mango Pie! :wub:
  11. It is, it is. There's one two minutes from my house. Open 24/7. It's wonderful.
  12. No. Who cares about anybody else? If you want to be recluse because it makes you feel better, then go for it. Others are more adapt to being social. Whatever floats your boat.
  13. Vegans. Accidental baby negligence. Uninformed or perhaps stupid parents? But I don't see how punishing them by starvation or a cruel and unusual punishment would do justice. They've already lost their baby.
  14. Aspartame is gross. It will preserve you. I don't want to end up like Lenin.
  15. ...why? Aren't you a Wings fan?
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