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  1. With 27 playable games and "many other in video form," the chances of no Sadness are extremely low if you ask me. But I'm still pissed about price and datelessness. Oh well. Well AE, it was nice visiting you again. I'll make it an E3 tradition. In other words, see ya next year!
  2. Truth. Super Mario Galaxy was much more intriguing, mainly because I never really got too in to the Prime games. I mean it looks like a cool FPS, but Red Steel looks like it has similar mechanics... only a SWORD. Edit: Did we know before today that the left controller was called the Nunchuk? Because I didn't... and that's freakin pretty awesome. Haha
  3. Nick

    RPG News

    Let's see... Crystal Chronicles for Wii, FF3 (really good footage), Fire Emblem Wii, I'm sure there's more from the Nintendo Press Conference. But I can't think. There's your news AND me posting in your gay ass club, biatch.
  4. I'm not too impressed with the idea of Fire Emblem Wii. Mainly because we know nothing about the mechanics (hell... all we saw were a couple CGI mini-clips). If it uses the Fire Emblem interface (turn based), I don't see how the Wii controller would be worthwhile. Unless when you attack an enemy you "actually" fight it and can block their attacks. Hey, that's an idea. I'm still most excited about the sports games, since they showed those in the most detail and they looked simple yet fun (good party games). Red Steel's sword combat was also pretty awesome, due simply to the fact that yo
  5. I'm still not "$250" sold yet. I'm definitely Christmas present sold, but not buy it sold. Mainly because I haven't tried it for myself, and haven't seen a LAUNCH DATE.
  6. Damned good presentation. Cool games for the Wii and DS, the gameplay for Wii looks intuitive as hell, and overall just pretty sweet. Good job Nintendo. Now hurry up and give us some details on launch price and date.
  7. Dang. Entertaining as hell. It's WATCHING them play a game as simple as this that makes it "sell itself," if you ask me.
  8. Despite what all you sports game haters may say... I think golf/tennis/baseball package will be a fun game for when friends are over. Especially since it's a package.
  9. Bahhh! Diddy Kong Racing for the win... me being a DKR whore and all. Unless it's just a port, that is.
  10. DIDDY KONG RACING HAHAHA throwing bombs in the tornadoes in Zelda looks hilarious
  11. The sword play looks really good in comparison to the guns.. mainly because you could see what he was doing Edit: DS time! Here's to hoping for some good titles
  12. They need to show less of the screen and more of what he is doing with the controll,er.
  13. You're fairly efficient in telling us what is going on onscreen. Haha
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