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  1. Nothing. But I'm ABOUT TO START: XFiles followed by I Want to Believe. Mulder Marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I just made coconut-basil-tofu soup, a quick lemon-radish pickle, and almond butter-curry okra. One of my better thai experiments for sure. I think you all are going to die from radiation poisoning from all the microwaves bouncing around your homes.
  3. I'm missing Kylesa/Intronaut/Made Out of Babies as we SPEAK. I'm heartbroken beyond words. And no other good concerts in the coming weeks until LA Murderfest (Free tickets! Knowing a band finally pays off for something awesome... AKA Eyehategod, Abominable Iron Sloth, Cripple Bastards, Sourvein, Coffins, 16, Phobia, Rotten Sound, General Surgery ETC ETC ETC)
  4. Current: Kongh - Unholy Water CLIP (This album is probably my number 1 most anticipated album of the year... can't WAIT. Just ordered a SHIRT) Next: Minsk - Three Moons CLIP (This is probably my number 2 most anticipated album of the year... can't WAIT. No shirt though ) Later: A bunch of other stoner/sludge/doom... since I sadly am missing Kylesa/Intronaut/Made Out of Babies right now :sad::sad:
  5. PMA

    The Age Thread

    Turning 24 in the near future. Feeling older (and younger) each and every day...
  6. I'm bored... so I thought I'd think long and hard and come up with some of my faves. Lord of the Rings 1-3 Hook Serenity Strings Stardust V for Vendetta Shaolin Master Killer (36th Chamber of Shaolin) Iron Monkey Hero Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Seven Samurai Twilight Samurai I avoided documentaries and animation, since my list would have been twice as long.
  7. The Briar King by Greg Keyes. So far it's fantabulous, and I fail to see how it's a GRRM ripoff at all. No annoying characters so far, other than those meant to be, and the forest imagery and such are fantastic. THE BRIAR KING IS AWAKENING!!!!
  8. Absolutely fantastic. Some of the most surreal imagery in "Hollywood." A fairly cliche story, but the execution was spot on. And yes, Aughra was probably my favorite character. I'm a bit of a puppet/Henson buff, so that's probably why I hold such a dear place in my heart for this one. The Skeksies/Mystics dynamic is fabulous, and both are among coolest character designs on the planet. Let alone... HAIL THE PODLINGS. They are so reminiscent of the Dozers from Fragglerock, its great! Like I said... I'm a HUGE fan of the film. Not looking forward to the sequel though, as the JHC as of late has been fairly hit or miss (even Mirrormask was a bit of a letdown, and I've loved most of the Gaiman film adaptations).
  9. PMA

    The Metal Thread I

    I agree for the most part. I listened to the album twice and promptly deleted it. After such a great discography (although not a fan of Revelation), its a sad sad album. Oh well... *turns on In Defiance*
  10. Thoughts??? I'm downloading it right now... and I'm QUITE curious after reading that interview with him about it. Previous: Scale the Summit - City in the Sky (I love this album more and more, the more I hear it) Current: Sigh - A Sunet Song (Does ANYONE not love Sigh? Seriously though) Next: Slough Feg - Street JAmmer (I just want the new album to leak)
  11. The new MOTHA FUCKIN Moon and the Nightspirit. So good... easily my favorite folk band on the planet. I had no idea they had a new one out!
  12. The new Slough Feg, with commentary. God I wish they were my friends. :sad::sad:
  13. Current: Scale the Summit - The Great Plains (This album totally reminds me of the Guilty Gear soundtrack. AKA epic as hell) Next: Bohren and Der Club of Gore - Prowler (And THIS album totally reminds me of Bebop. AKA epic as all hell) Later: Peste Noire - Ballade Cuntre (Um.... epic as all hell)
  14. The new Slough Feg track, on repeat. I can't WAIT for the new album. Wooooooo hoooooo! May 8th can't come soon enough That's in between some Sourvein and the new Peste, of course
  15. PMA

    The Metal Thread I

    I'm really hoping I disagree with you on both accounts.... I loved everything Peste has put out though, so I'll probably disagree there. Same goes for Galder though, so we'll see. Either way, it makes me :sad:
  16. Riverside... mainly because I heard their new album is done being mixed. AWESOME. Also been listening to some DEATH. Alot of Death. The Philosopher is such an epic fuckin song. 99% of Chuck's songs are though.
  17. Previous: Mastodon - Divinations (I hate Mastodon for having such awesome merch and art, but not being that good. Not a fan) Current: Lair of the Minotaur - Assassins of the Cursed Mist (Fuckin love this band. And I just got free tickets to their "secret show" on Tuesday) Next: Rush - Fly By Night (No one hates Rush. And if they do, they suck)
  18. Previous: Rotting Christ - Archon (Such a good band. Seriously SUCH a good band) Current: Al Baker - Til the Fences Fall (Still one of my most played songs on the planet. Just such good lyrics and so catchy) Next: Cattle Decapitation - In Axetasy (I didn't give this album much of a chance, but holy FUCK do I love it) Later: Maroon - Vermin (LOL 2 Vegan bands in a row) The Future: Oi Polloi - In Defence of Our Earth (The whole album... gotta keep the environmentally conscious music a-flowin)
  19. PMA

    The Metal Thread I

    I am... as I type this.. so here are my reactions as I hear it... Ok, so not as dark and brooding as I'd hope from the get go. And the singing is wretched. And the flute sounds synthed to all hell. Great, thanks jerk. You've ruined my day. It's not horrible, but not at ALL what I was hoping for. Oh, and now I just scrolled down and found out they won't be on Paganfest 2. :sad: *Goes back to Epicus Doomicus*
  20. 1. Municipal Waste - Thrashin's My Business (Why are they on the LoG tour? I wanna see them again . A PERFECT sub 1 minute song) 2. Anata - Slain Upon His Altar (Best song on the goddamned planet. Period. End of story) 3. Dead Boys - I Need Lunch (Mmm vagina) 4. The Coup - The Name Game (I've been listening to this album a TON lately, as well as Poor Righteous Teachers and The Pharcyde) 5. Epicus Doomicus Metallicus... the whole album. Why? Because I can.
  21. PMA

    The Metal Thread I

    It leaked a while back, didn't it? It's ok... but they're pretty cookie cutter for me. Edit: I guess I'm thinking of their last release, and I'm just behind the times. Ohhhhhh well. In other news... i really want the Eluveitie folk album to drop already. :headbang:
  22. Melodeath?? Current: Norther - Nothing (Still to this day, my favorite melodeath album. DU is so damned amazing it hurts) Next: The Coup - Fat Cats Bigga Fish (Genocide and Juice, as fate would have it, is my favorite hiphop album) Later: Sodom - Tired and Red (Agent Orange, however, while great, isn't my favorite thrash album. )
  23. Worms Armaggedon and Warcraft 2. Reliving highschool on all levels... music, games and soon to be anime (downloading Nadesico as we speak).
  24. I've been realizing that my taste freshman year of college (wow... 5 years ago... time flies) was a lot better than I gave it credit for... in other words, I'm listening to TONS of Bal Sagoth and Death. Battle Magic and Symbolic in particular. So damned good.
  25. That Amesoeurs album is really fuckin cool. Didn't think it'd live up to the hype but I enjoy it quite a bit... but what have I been listening to all day today (while riding my bike around)??? BALSAGOTH - A BLACK MOON BROODS IN LEMURIA Its awesome how doomy the clean vocals were back before the ultra cheeseness. I mean don't get me wrong, its still super corny... but much darker. I'm going to listen to the whole Bal Sagoth disco in a row today. Good idea? Yes. Yes it is.
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