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  1. AE Viewing/Reading Journal: Born Again.

    Massive thread necro time? Sure, why the fuck not. Here's a message for anyone who happens to come across the ruins of this thread deep in the interwebz: I co-host an anime podcast now. It's called Anime on the Rocks and involves much alcohol consumption and discussion/debate of anime. Find our episodes on SoundCloud. OK, everyone can go back to being dead now.
  2. RT: Thirteen

    Holy fuck this place is still here. Holy fuck I'm posting here. Holy fuck I'm old now.
  3. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    Damn, totally forgot to play Rainbow Six yesterday in memoriam. Maybe tonight.
  4. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    Shit is weird. I work at a headshop now... almost done writing a book... engaged... Wham-bam-thankya-maam life switches things up. Elsewhere on this site is years' worth of evidence of the person I used to be. I read my old posts and I'm all like Oh, but I still watch a lot of anime. Attack on Titan is the bomb diggity. Sup with you Cr000b?
  5. Unbanned

  6. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    Hoo boy. What's goin on guys? Goddamn.
  7. AE Viewing/Reading Journal: Born Again.

    I watched Summer Wars the other night. It was a pretty good movie; the fight scene animations were fucking fantastic. Also, I'm watching Baccano and it's amazing.
  8. It has been years.

    Holy FUCK it's Anime Gee. Holy FUCK it's Silver Cyclone and Rocksteady and capoeira.
  9. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    Shim sham skabba wabba doo be doo be dop doo wop skida dabba dux.
  10. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    Does someone not like your attitude?
  11. What does it all mean?

    Well, if the Universe has no meaning, then the fact that it's meaningless is also meaningless. Nihilism sorta negates itself. We just... like... are, dude. Y'know? Some people say the present is all that exists. Everything is transient, everything is always coming and going. Moments are always dying, and new moments are always happening. Why focus on the dying? They are two sides of the same coin. Like the boat-car guy said in Waking Life, "the idea is to maintain a state of constant departure, while always arriving. Cuts down on hellos and goodbyes." The search for transcendental meaning is pretty destructive in a lot of ways. Look at religions. Once you become convinced you know the ultimate answer, you base all your happiness and security on it, and then get threatened when people argue against or even just disagree with it. It's a huge source of conflict. Also, sorry to hear about your roomate, Belial. :sad:
  12. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    I wouldn't recommend using it as a dildo, either.
  13. Random Thoughts: New Thread is New

    Things like suicide? Or what?
  14. What does it all mean?

    Also, where did we come from? I'm thinking it's turtles all the way down.