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  1. After risking his life and getting severely injured for America, they don't even give him enough to live on.... horrible
  2. I think hunting is wrong if you don't use every part of the animal. What my dad used to do growing up, is hunt to kill a deer or rabbit, eat the meat, tan the hide and fertilize the garden with everything else. I think that's perfectly fine, since there was a lot done with just one animal. What I think is wrong is trophy hunting and discarding the meat.
  3. Two minorities are running for president. a black dude and a woman. I can't believe I'm rooting for the white dude! I like John Edwads because he used to be a lawyer against the biggest sneakiest corporations, so he knows all of their tricks. Plus Bush has rigged the government so much that it will take a lot of law knowledge and debate skills to get everything back to normal. And he's a democrat that knows how to talk to people in the south that would normally vote republican. I'm glad he came in second place. I love Hillary because she believes in everything that I believe in and opened my eyes to new issues. She's my second choice for president, so I'm glad she's in the top three. Obamah would be a great president if he had more experience, but I'm not complaining about him being in first.
  4. that was so sad, but at the same time it made me kind of happy to be alive I thought it was really beautiful
  5. 1 loose a little weight 2 get better grades in school 3 be more independant
  6. Of course! do you have anything fitted for dinosaurs? ~Pangaea~
  7. There are spies among us and all you can think about is furniture? well, I have to admit, it is a good idea. ~Pangaea~
  8. 1,059, err... That's what my dad told me to tell the inter-butt... Do you like minty things?
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