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  1. Ugh... I guess it could be worse. Right?
  2. Capcom can go fuck themselves.
  3. What the hell happened to AE?
  4. Do you get to drink your own piss?
  5. Either I haven't been here in awhile or the board got a new look.
  6. Packed! Wham! Pow! with peanuts, caramel, and nougat all covered in dark chocolate!
  7. Justice League Dark totally doesn't sound like Dark Avengers.
  8. Yeah, it seems that people are more concerned about the amount of "apps" that a person have on their phones. The only reason why I even have a Facebook is because several of Skypers from another forum play Texas Hold Em on the thing.
  9. Vidjas count, right? Right.
  10. Crube


    Macho Man died so he can prevent The Rapeture.
  11. Will you rob people of their virgin souls?
  12. I don't know... give it a try! Then again, I haven't watched it since the Tenth Doctor left.
  14. It was awful seeing my dog put to sleep.
  15. Crube


    Face Raiders sounds like something that belongs on an iPodphone.
  16. But, can you make it over the jump?
  17. Yeah, going to chime in and say that reading the manual doesn't help at all. To be honest, I only glanced through the manual, mind you a PSP manual had more pages, and I still passed the exam.
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