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  1. The World Ends With You
  2. Yes I have had it since it basically came out, still the best SC game by far. It is coming out for XBL now.
  3. Jae Hoon

    Rock Band

    Actually not for alot of actual bands it is harder. Alot of my friends who have those games as well have been in a band for 5+ years and actually have a harder time on the game then they do irl. I am better at Rock Band at the drums then the real drummer is, he even admits it. This isnt uncommon among actually drum and guitar players either.
  4. Lol a world of danger, intrigue and magic.
  5. Call of Duty 4 Finished Assanines Creed
  6. My 360 went bad during the Beta for Halo 3. :closedeyes:
  7. Back when the Saturn first came out Blockbuster had this big contest to where if you rented 4 games you got entered into a drawing to try to win a Sega Saturn. 1st place was a Saturn and a big screen tv plus games, second place was a Saturn plus games. I begged my grandmother when I went over there to try to get money to rent games for my Genesis, just to enter this drawing. At the time I was a big time Sega fan and the Saturn was completely out of my price range. So finally I get enough rentals to enter this contest even though the winner isnt announcer for weeks. I actually completely forgot about it christmas that year came around.(dont remember what year but it was the first year Saturn was released.) Most of my other christmas presents sucked ass, which is nothing new for most christmas's for most people. Then my grandma came over with this huge ass box. Now I didnt know what it was but I was excited to open it. I shredded the wrapping like it was cheese and low and behold it was a Sega Saturn still in the box. At first I thought my Grandma and Mom bought it. But then they said there would be no way in hell they would purchase a game system for that much. It was then my Grandma told me that she recieved this package at her house with my name on it from a Blockbuster and just hid it until Christmas. I won the second place on the contest and was completely dumbfounded. It was the first and only thing I have ever actually won. Not only did I win the Saturn but it had VF 2, Virtua Cop 2, Virtua Racing and Daytona USA. Which was more then enough to satisfy me. Now fastfoward years later and I am in the Army. I am being shipped off to Ft Lewis, WA and I tell my mom specifically NOT to move my Saturn, as I will ship it to me when I get the money. So a year or so later I call back to ask where it is at and she told me, SHE LET MY SISTER BORROW IT. The anger I was feeling at the time can not really be mentioned. I knew my Saturn was ruined and I would never see it again. My sister just got married to a dirtbag and would more then likely steal it. When I came back to physically grab my Saturn my sister made some bullshit story about they dont know where it is. So yes I lost my Saturn plus about 20 games that included Panzeer Dragoon Ziew, Guardian Heroes. Blazing Dragons among others. All becaues my mother thought it would be a good idea to "loan" it to my sister and her loser husband. They are now divorced and I will never see my Saturn again. :(
  8. I will be getting SOR 2 and Puzzle Fighter here shortly. I am glad I kept Orta.
  9. It is definetly a good game, the whole if your character dies then its ggpo thing I am not a fan off though. The game actually gets easier the longer you play it, mostly because you finally start getting options that you start out with in most games. FYI for those who dont know, going to Kareoke doesnt affect how tired you are, so if you arent going to Tartarus and it isnt Friday or Saturday, go ever night. Always go put money in the Shrine to.
  10. La Pucelle - 6 Star Ocean II - 10 Star Ocean 3 - 7
  11. I thought about getting Izuna but all the reviews for it suck, I mean pretty much all of them.
  12. Disgaea - 10 Disgaea 2 - 8 FF 12 - 5(man I hated that game)
  13. Dont know how much any of you would care but it is a cool sight for fg vids. No this isnt my site nor am I affiliated with it in anyway. It is just a huge sight with alot of fg vids both matches and combo vids and a few speed runs. There was a pretty good SOTN speed run on there at one time.
  14. Thanks that worked 5455 7057 4298 5760
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