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  1. LOL! Nice hypothesis. And thanks everyone.
  2. Thanks guys. I was without the internet for a while when I was in New York but.. I've never been one for sticking with forums unless directly suggested/urged to do so.
  3. ! I made no such promise. >> I think you're just delusional. And thank you, Makil. <3
  4. Thanks, and yeah. His name is going to be Gabriel Jude Domingue.
  5. Laguna Aoyagi (11:41:41 PM): YOU SHOULD ANNOUNCE IT ON AE! Laguna Aoyagi (11:41:42 PM): O___O Prodigal Pickle (11:41:48 PM): >>; Why? Laguna Aoyagi (11:41:49 PM): DOOOOO IT. I'm pretty sure it went something like that. >> And thanks, GPS.
  6. Okay, so.. Maybe you remember me, maybe you don't. I haven't posted on here in a while, but the last time I did it was a thread discussing issues I was having with a couple of guys. Bryan and Justin. Well. Long story short I left one, got with the other, wound up back with the first one... Annd now we're happily engaged and I'm due to have a son in three months. >> I .. don't see the need to post about it but Crube was all "Omg gogogo do it NOW" So uh... yeah. xD Because he harassed me, I posted about it.
  7. It seems that that's becomming the popular choice, though. I talked to a couple others in Aim. Crube said the same thing; he thinks we need each other, Justin and I... and he's probably right.
  8. Yeah, I just hate to hurt him. I know he'd be lost without me, but I don't think he'll ever be able to let go of his obsession with money, and as long as he keeps being so worried about money, I'll be miserable.
  9. Okay, so... Lemme just start by saying that Crube told me to post this. I don't ever like to shove my problems on other people, or even complain about my problems to my friends. But I've come to a total loss, and after explaining it to him, he has no advice for me. So, lemme get started. There's Justin, and there's Bryan. Bryan is my fiance that I've been with/have known for almost thirteen months. I've know Justin for seven years. We were friends. I had a boyfriend that passed away, and Justin was there. I started to realize I loved him, but he lost his internet and dissapeared for a long while. Then I met Bryan, and we fell in love. Well, lately things haven't been so fantastic with Bryan and I. He's very money obsessed. He isn't totally obsessed or always thinking/talking about it, but it's definately present for him more than it is for me. I, personally, could care less about money. Well recently Justin and I have been talking quite a bit and I've realized how I feel about him. I'm becomming increasingly depressed with Bryan. We're fighting more and more. We don't always fight verbally, but there's definately a tension. Like, take for example this afternoon. I paid the rent, 200 a month, from my 320 dollar check. I bought minutes for my phone, some shampoo and conditioner, deoderant, etc. Y'know, the sort of things I kind of NEED around the house. I got cereal so that I could eat in the morning before I go to work, to help save money since he's always bitching about saving money. I had about five bucks left in my wallet and I took ten from him. Now, yesterday he told me he had a bunch of money AS WELL AS his unchased four hundred dollar check. But when I took the ten, he started bitching at me because all he had was that ten and a twenty. I told him he had enough to last him until tomorrow, when he could cash the check. Well, maybe it's totally wrong for me to ask him for any money. Even though he blew four hundred dollars on a XBox, after fussing me and nagging me to start saving money. He kept trying to make excuses about me taking the ten for food, so I tossed it back up on the counter and left. I'm mostly just tired of him bitching at me to save money, and then going spend four hundred dollars that we could really use right now... Justin really cares about me, and if anything he wants Bryan and I to stay together... But I'm just tired of having to deal with the drama and the headache. I want to stay with Bryan, because I don't want to break his heart... I want him to be happy. Everyone so far has said that I need to be happy, too... and sometimes I am happy, but it's coming to the point where I'm sad more often than happy... So, if anyone has any wisdom for me, I'd love to know your thoughts/opinions.. Should I stick with my fiance, who's starting to think of nothing but money... Or should I go with the old friend, the one who loves me and could care less about money... The one who would drop anything to be at my side, who would be here in a heartbeat to help me...
  10. Haha. Yah, that's right! ;3 :wub:
  11. Haha. ^^; Aw. <33 Loove. I was never really one for forums, sadly.
  12. You can consider them wraps definately... But there's a difference between a tortilla and bread. Bread is like... puffy, and tortilla's are really small and thin.
  13. Okay. I work at a Taco Bell... I make burrito's and tacos all fucking day long... A sandwich and a burrito are two different things. They're wrapped differently and have totally different ingredients.
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