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  1. If anyone remembers Arcane (hint: He started the "What Are You Listening To?" thread) I had an amazing fucking time at his wedding last weekend. That is all; carry on.
  2. Just got back online this week after a little hiatus. You got a Steam ID I can communicate with? Belial4, hit me up.
  3. This game was fucking awesome... and then the acid wore off.
  4. Belial

    Fantasy Football

    The Keeper rule works by replacing your first round draft pick with a player of your choosing from your previous year's team. New players would, theoretically, be at no disadvantage since they still get a pick first round.
  5. Belial

    Fantasy Football

    It was real; it was fun. It was real fun. I'm out.
  6. Day Z. So fucking hard.
  7. Choking Victim - Fuck America
  8. Belial

    The working life

    I sling sushi these days. Its a pretty good gig on account of the free raw fish. And I craved I ate hearts of sharks.
  9. Probably some Tribes or Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.
  10. Been tracking this one for a while... but from what I recall of our various conversations years back, Marie was always a strange bird. Doesn't surprise me much. She used to post some pretty embarrassing stuff on here that would do very little to promote her in a career field that is mostly image.
  11. Paul Baribeau - Wild Eyes
  12. Ralph White - Gallows Medley
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