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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLooMzB_lgc - if Masked Man #2 were a bell he'd go ding dong ding dong CHAIRSHOT
  2. Haruhi S2 episodes four through seven; - Masked Man #2 is at a loss for words, beyond "coma-inducing"
  3. Words cannot describe how much sucktitude that reeks of. They're really milking fan anticipation for all its worth, huh? Episode was decent but not great, which is something you would hope for after three years of wait (and also because the first episode of the first season was so awesome, but it's not like you can really duplicate that one effectively). The continuity notes are amusing and the actual SOS Brigade meeting at the start of the episode was enjoyable, but then it just turned into time travel stuff. Obviously I'm going to keep watching because it's SuzuHaru and thankfully I never
  4. Soul Eater 39 - 41: Medusa is my new favorite shonen villain. She's just all sorts of fantastic. This series remains the only anime I've seriously gotten into and enjoyed in the past half year (I guess Geass R2 had its good episodes but by and large ehhhhh). That is all. - Masked Man #2
  5. Benny Carter - When Lights Are Low Jazz? Kind of reeking of awesomeness right now. - Masked Man #2
  6. Lords and Ladies and Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett. - Masked Man #oh you know
  7. "Very mean and a villain that makes you say fuck ya kick all their asses." This is the kind of guy whose opinion on film I truly respect. - Masked Man #2 makes you say fuck ya kick all their asses
  8. Soul Eater 18 - 25: Okay, this show has become amazing. Everyone should watch Soul Eater and just understand that the hit-or-miss comedy of.... everything up to the second Excalibur episode (barring the awesome Tsubakicentric two-parter) is followed by some of the best shounen I've watched since the CP9 arc of One Piece. I'm dreading what happens when the anime catches up to the manga, though; it is Studio BONES, after all. - Masked Man #2 still cringes at what they did to FMA.
  9. Aside from the fact that Gene Wilder was vastly superior to Johnny Depp and the songs were better in the original, I think the Tim Burton version was decidedly better than the original film. - Masked Man #2 doesn't really care enough to argue about a movie he saw on his little sister's birthday in theaters and never again, though.
  10. No, he wasn't. - Masked Man #2 EDIT: Also, yeah, 25 redeemed the Emperor Lelouch stuff basically but did nothing to solve the giant mess of retardation that was Charles and Marianne Do Evangelion. God, that episode.
  11. My only real gripe about the Geass finale is I wanted more character epilogues like what Kallen got and less "THESE ARE MY MOTIVATION FOR FIGHTING" cheesy interconnecting scene crap. I really want to know what's up with characters like Toudou now that everything's over, since pretty much half of the cast only appeared in the wedding photo. Everything else was really good and I imagine that R2 will hold up decidedly better with the ending in mind, at least everything past the pretentious instrumentality shit that was Lelouch vs. Charles. - Masked Man #2
  12. Yeah, this is what happens when you let CLAMP do the character designs. - Masked Man #2 cringes any time he reads Tsubasa
  13. Geass 24 was a huge step in the right direction, though it wasn't legitimately good and I doubt the finale will be either. SPOILER: I pretty much decided to actually download and watch it because the Cornelia/Guilford scene and that didn't disappoint. Thank god one good thing happened to Guilford considering all the shit he was put through this season. - Masked Man #2
  14. Yeah, I could have sworn I had made a comment in the post about the fact that part of why I was surprised by it was because of the fact that it's not the kind of plot arc I'm entirely used to in films like that, but apparently since it was 4am when I wrote it I forgot to do that. - Masked Man #2
  15. M, by Fritz Lang. Good stuff but without an actor as fantastic as Peter Lorre in the role of the serial killer it probably wouldn't have worked as well, but I think some of that is the fact that the ending surprised me in the sense that it... wasn't that surprising or eventful (now the events leading up to the ending, those were great and intense). - Masked Man #2 gets to cross off another film from the book of 1001 Films To See Before You Die that he got last Christmas, fuck yeah.
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