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  1. Tiger & Bunny ep. 1 The two main characters, Kotetsu and Barnaby, are introduced. :< Likin' it so far. Feel sorry for Kotetsu. He's not much liked as Wild Tiger.
  2. I should come back.... ...for the very reason that I'm getting bored as fuck. :< But anywaaaaays....It's very disconcerting to find out that guys are actually finding me hot or something. >__> I think I'm still stuck in that damn high school mentality of social awkwardness and self-consciousness. :< Britt-Britt was an awkward teenager. She hasn't dated since that fiasco of a first boyfriend at 16. >;
  3. I'm truly sad that I found out about Amy's passing away at such a late time. I knew Amy way back from the Otaku Syndicate and she was such a bright girl. Always friendly and always up to offer a quick laugh. I truly regret that I didn't keep up with my friends here and I most definitely considered Amy a friend. I send my sincere condolences to her family and hope that they'll be able to move on with the belief...that while she is no longer around, at least she is no longer suffering. - Brittany~
  4. Completely WAY behind times on this topic, but I had a friend of mine look at the video(who is a cop). She says that the other car would have made the turn IF the cop car was going 40. And since it was night time, it's harder to judge if a car is coming at you faster or slower. So in reality....yes, this cop seriously fucked up and needs to be heavily penalized; even sent to jail. A friend of my mum's was involved in a case of vehicular manslaughter and he was sent to jail even though what caused his mishap was severe rain. Why should this cop be any different?
  5. Hmm...went to Rocktoberfest which featured some fucking awesome bands. Noteworthy bands that I saw: - Death Point Theory - ROACH - FAKE KINGZ - MAYBE-Z - 2side1BRAIN ....And I got to hobnob with ROACH, DPT, and somewhat with 2side1BRAIN. ....God it fucking rocks having a friend who's in a band.
  6. Now it's time for Brittany's obligatory post time. Now I e-rape you all. I love this skirt like...a ridiculous amount.
  7. ....Hmmm...If this place left, I wouldn't be able to fulfill my voyeuristic tendencieskeep a track of people. D:
  8. Picture club. Picture booths. Fairly popular here as they're in every arcade I've been too. :x
  9. Juxtapose

    Anal sex;

    Hmm~~ I've heard anal can also be pleasurable for a girl because there's nerves down there that get rubbed during anal. ....Provided it's not a prostate so it's probably not as pleasurable as it can get for a guy. ...But that's just from what I've read of other people doing anal. Peace out, peeps. Not posting again for another 2 or so weeks. Edit: wtf~ What's up with the almost 7000 post count I got?! D8
  10. ....I was never compared. ....I can't decide whether I feel vastly disappointed or just fucking apathetic.
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