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    The working life

    Eh, I don't think I have talked too much on my employment. I am a Senior Editor and Visual Designer for an up-and coming gaming site that has recently signed on with Razer, Logitech, Cougar, and a few other outlets to provide our equipment. ASRock, ATi and Intel are on deck. We are currently in the process of launching a new site and are now closing in on 100,000 hits a week. We work with Rock, Paper, Shotgun to promote out content and we have a staff of 6. I obviously will not plug it here as there is no need to bring that here. It has only been roughly a year in operation and we have rec
  2. I don't consider myself to be on the up and up of news in the literary world, so if it old, then so be it. The work, on a subjective level, is impressive and engaging; but I can also get on board with some of the vitriol in comments on Vice. You almost don't want to admit to yourself that you know that this person is a summation of all the things she used to go on about online in the past. I have been having a hard time deciding if what I am reading is excellently written candid sexual encounters, or some circlejerk to Consumerist-Marxist sympathizers embroiled in deep confusion about the t
  3. Figured I would pop in to impart this story. I am a fan of Vice.com, great site with off-color content directed at artsy-fartsy types that enjoy the weirder side of life. I generally don't venture around the site too much outside of the usual bookmarks, but there was a story simply titled, "Jeremy Lin". For the uninitiated, Jeremy Lin was a basketball phenom earlier this year who was frequently associated with the phrase, "Linsanity". I do not care for most sports in the least, but I was attracted to the article and read it to completion. It was raw, unabashed writing that took no prisoners
  4. I miss you too, baby. I was posting in a Reddit topic about the (vauge) history of AE and suddenly realized I hadn't been here in ages.
  5. I just want to say that it is fucking strange to remember some of us 10 years ago and to see current pictures, it blows my mind for some reason.
  6. Bullshit, there are no good looking men in Canada, I would know. Wait, no I wouldn't.
  7. Then talk to me, woman, tell me your life and travels. I want to hear them. Then sexual things.
  8. Amy is not some no name hooker that killed herself, she is a member of this board and regardless of whatever life decisions she has made that has led to her death, does not change that. She wasn't just killing herself for something simple, she was a disturbed person that unfortunately did what she thought was right in her current mental state. If this is how you truly feel about her, why did you contact her family, you sick bastard? You're going to tell us that you spent time sending condolences to them and then turn to AE to basically say that her death amuses you? I mean, it's obvious yo
  9. Likewise. I know nothing of you anymore, although, I still want to come to PG.
  10. That's pathetic and childish. Only a sociopath would get pleasure from something like this, also, sounds like you're pulling back because you know you're just being a dickbag.
  11. J, if this is a no name thread on a no name board, than I truly don't understand why you feel the need to even log in.
  12. Water has a habit of getting in the wheelwell area and locking up the steering in deeper puddles. I used to own that exact car, so that's why I say it.
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