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  1. Ceraziefish

    RT: Thirteen

    hahaha my girlfriend is in grad school and one of her friends was like "good luck at your first day of 18th grade!!!" also dude fuck trump and fuck your coworker. RIP in peace murkastan july 4th, 1776 -- january 20th, 2017 there are a ridiculous amount of people into trump in NYC though. not like a lot, but a lot more than i would've expected.
  2. dude come down to brooklyn. i have some good gin in my fridge.
  3. dude, you know what's fucked up? we never had a metal thread II. this was the only one...
  4. oh fuck a rare TBO sighting! whats up man? this place is super dead but a few of us still show up. happy independence day. literally had british tourists complaining about american taxes at my work... good stuff. i wanna come up to CT and party with y'all! i've never taken the metro north and i have no idea when i'll have time to but it would be so legit.
  5. wu tang clan aint nothin to mess with
  6. Aw sheeeyit. Only problem is i never have any free time. But we need to do this, it was one of my goals to meet more AE members than anyone else and conquering the CT area is going to be a big part of that. I live on Bushwick off the L train. Thats sick dude lets hang out, i'll buy you pizza and one of those nyc lady liberty foam crown things. Hey whats up??? Haha
  7. hay guys i work at a wine shop so many functioning alcoholics
  8. what up AE. i live in brooklyn now. hit me up if you wanna chill east coast AE dawgz...
  9. i'm not drunk but i am kind of stoned and sitting in my car on my laptop in the middle of south seattle. a raccoon just walked past and spooked the fuck out of me thank mr skeltal
  10. dude elite thank you so much for doing all of this. how much does the site cost? i'm pretty broke but i can throw you some money.
  11. 4,439 bottles of beer on the wall, 4,439 bottles of beer you take one down, pass it around, 4,438 bottles of beer on the wall
  12. nĂ¼ album: http://hellships.bandcamp.com
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