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  1. Cleese

    RT: Thirteen

    is this internet whalefall?
  2. I'm impressed and depressed at the same time reading this. Impressed by the typing, depressed about my outcome
  3. I used that quote on a resume, still cant find a decent dogsitting gig.
  4. Don't ask for advise from strangers they will only tell you what they wish they could do.
  5. played it, was in a hardcore raid guild, quit. The game was quite impressive I just played myself out of mmo's finally. Fuckin habit was hard to kick.
  6. I wish I could hate you all to death.
  7. Cleese

    This is late

    RIP Peter Steel, only human being capable of making a bass look like a ukulele.
  8. Doesn't matter how many coats of paint you put on a rusty bucket. It's still rusty.
  9. potential complete job list: PGL = Pugilist GLA = Gladiator EXC = Marauder (Mistranslation) FNC = Fencer (Uses a Rapier) ENF = Enforcer (Uses a Mace) ARC = Archer LNC = Lancer MSK = Musketeer (Uses a Gun) MYS = Mystic (Uses a Mystic Weapon) THM = Thaumaturge CON = Conjurer ACN = Archanist (Uses an Archanist Weapon) WDK = Woodworker BSM = Blacksmith ARM = Armorer GLD = Goldsmith WVR = Weaver ALC = Alchemist CUL = Culinarian HRV = Harvester FSH = Fisher SHP = Shepherd Huh = Tanner Huh = Botanist Huh = Miner Huh = Marauder
  10. There's a bunch more information that came out in a few gaming magazines over in Japan. it can be all pretty much be found at http://www.ff14news.com/, it's all pretty interesting.
  11. I dont know whats worse, Conan losing to that fucker or going off to die in the fox late night wasteland.
  12. All I care about is being able to make another thief and paladin mithra. I dont care what they're calling them this time around its a fucking mithra. I keep getting urges to just kill time with 11 again until this comes out but I don't think I have that in me anymore.
  13. Cleese


    Now I never played the first version, but I thought I'd give the demo a shot. I can say, playing this in HD has pretty much sold me on the game. Its so pretty, and nothing beats guitar decapitation. Also Ellis is awesome.
  14. Beat Uncharted 2 yesterday. Mulling over playing Demon's Souls again or buying Borderlands or Torchlight.
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