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    RT: Thirteen

    is this internet whalefall?
  2. I'm impressed and depressed at the same time reading this. Impressed by the typing, depressed about my outcome
  3. I used that quote on a resume, still cant find a decent dogsitting gig.
  4. Don't ask for advise from strangers they will only tell you what they wish they could do.
  5. played it, was in a hardcore raid guild, quit. The game was quite impressive I just played myself out of mmo's finally. Fuckin habit was hard to kick.
  6. I wish I could hate you all to death.
  7. Cleese

    This is late

    RIP Peter Steel, only human being capable of making a bass look like a ukulele.
  8. Doesn't matter how many coats of paint you put on a rusty bucket. It's still rusty.
  9. potential complete job list: PGL = Pugilist GLA = Gladiator EXC = Marauder (Mistranslation) FNC = Fencer (Uses a Rapier) ENF = Enforcer (Uses a Mace) ARC = Archer LNC = Lancer MSK = Musketeer (Uses a Gun) MYS = Mystic (Uses a Mystic Weapon) THM = Thaumaturge CON = Conjurer ACN = Archanist (Uses an Archanist Weapon) WDK = Woodworker BSM = Blacksmith ARM = Armorer GLD = Goldsmith WVR = Weaver ALC = Alchemist CUL = Culinarian HRV = Harvester FSH = Fisher SHP = Shepherd Huh = Tanner Huh = Botanist Huh = Miner Huh = Marauder
  10. There's a bunch more information that came out in a few gaming magazines over in Japan. it can be all pretty much be found at http://www.ff14news.com/, it's all pretty interesting.
  11. I dont know whats worse, Conan losing to that fucker or going off to die in the fox late night wasteland.
  12. All I care about is being able to make another thief and paladin mithra. I dont care what they're calling them this time around its a fucking mithra. I keep getting urges to just kill time with 11 again until this comes out but I don't think I have that in me anymore.
  13. Cleese


    Now I never played the first version, but I thought I'd give the demo a shot. I can say, playing this in HD has pretty much sold me on the game. Its so pretty, and nothing beats guitar decapitation. Also Ellis is awesome.
  14. Beat Uncharted 2 yesterday. Mulling over playing Demon's Souls again or buying Borderlands or Torchlight.
  15. Well, by the sounds of it, Captain Sunshine is going to be a recurring character on the show. Least in Season 4.
  16. I'm for sale. Who wants to hire me?
  17. So, the voice actor for Captain Sunshine was Kevin Conroy. This is the only thing I turn on the TV for anymore.
  18. Cleese

    Hey, its Aion

    So I've been playing this since it came out and I don't know if its the typical slow down time you periodically get from playing these games so much but right now the game's gotten quite boring for myself. I've made my way up to a level 31 spiritmaster and both the game and I can't really figure out what we want to do. The quest leveler in me wants to level via quests mainly for the rewards, weather they be monetary or gear, but that usually consists of me having to run all over the place to find all the quests that I can do at my level; which in turn eats up a lot of travel time. But the ginder in me wants to just find a spot and kill kill kill. Unfortunately, that really doesn't always mean I'm killing the right mobs to get the most exp per mob that I could. Combine that with having to play in a very small (read: 4 members) legion, doing anything at all in the abyss is an effort in futility. You really cannot accomplish anything in the abyss solo or with a small group.
  19. Cleese


    You let this thread die while I was gone? For shame people, for shame.
  20. I dont know what to think of this as of yet confirmed expansion. The 'opening up of already in pl,ace areas of Azeroth' seems lazy (for lack of a better word). New races are cool, but no new jobs is eh, I don't have a problem with races getting some new jobs (just the Tauren paladin bugs me)
  21. Future of the Left - Arming Eritrea Get this album (travels With Myself). now.
  22. Animal Collective- Daily Routine just got into these guys, fucking love it, it's like listening to a dream.
  23. Oh I should mention that the friend likes to call himself Joey Pizza Slice, if you happen to check out the archives.
  24. American Elf is a comic written by a Vermonter, he's written one comic a day every day since he stared October 26th 1998. James Kolchalka (the writer) also has a band(s) James Kolchalka Superstar and The Zambonis. The latter made some theme song for some short lived sitcom on fox a few years back. His live shows are something of a spectacle in which he usually end up just playing naked on stage. Right now hes been touring solo-ish with the boyfriend of a friend of mine, (which have their own band Nosebleed Island) but I'm rambling, check out the comic and the band. Enjoy.
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