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  1. Lighting matches in the bathroom after you poop totally beats that poo scent down.
  2. Got a job at the Vancouver Island Regional Library. Fuck yeahhh. I can work at either the two Nanaimo branches, in Ladysmith, or on Gabriola Island. BOOM.
  3. OOOOOH A SPECIAL REQUEST?!?!?! Yahh. . . I got one too. . . Everyone should post more!
  4. I think I definitely will at some point, once I start working and making some $$$$. As much as I'd like to bring my boyfriend I think he's mildly weirded out by the whole "internet friends" things. Which I find adorable. In other news, our first day in Nanaimo, Travis (shirtless!) and Lugnut got on CTV news. There was a drive by shooting one door down. It was really hot and we were moving our things in when Lugnut ran out to greet CTV man. My new nickname for Travis is now "Hollywood Hills" and so is our home. They're at 1:54.
  5. Maybe we can meet one day. I'm moving to Vancouver Island. Ughhhh. . . Two days left.
  6. Moving in a week and a half, trying not to panic.
  7. My cool awesome friend is staying with me for a while. I'm excited because I've been so lonely in this big dumb house all alone. We made dinz and drank tea. So fun.
  8. Okay, time for an update. Everyone remember Banjo? He's about 3.5 years now. Handsome as ever. Roma - almost a year old. Stinker central. Lugnut is almost two. Snores like a trucker. Merle Haggard, the love of my life. She's just over 1 year. Some extras. I just love them.
  9. On Mad Men, Kinsey totally looks like the eunuch from Game of Thrones.
  10. I don't think I'd get called for jobs if I didn't write outstanding cover letters for each place I apply to. As someone who regularly takes resumes from people, I know that 99% of people do not write cover letters, and if someone took the time to write one, I would call them. If you dress well, shake hands, be excruciatingly polite, don't have a trail of your friends behind you while you do it, and don't have a huge stack of resumes you're handing out to every other store, we'll call. Looking for work sucks though. I feel your pain :sad:
  11. The turtle part was super upsetting. All six of the animal slaughters in the film were real. So sad. Poor little monkey. Pretty fucking gross. The director apparently has since admitted he's not proud of those scenes.
  12. That sounds cool. I'd like to hear some insider tips. I'm eating sushi right now. The manager gave it to me for free becaus eI biked there. :awesome:
  13. Oh my hat on earth, I just watched the grossest movie of all time. "Cannibal Holocaust." I feel so sad and alone and yucky now. Holy fuck.
  14. Ummmm I'd really love to be told what I should eat right now. I'm being indecisive and helpless.
  15. I bought a truck back in October. Though now it's being used as a bed for the summer while my partner treeplants. I got my bike fixed last week! That was a major purchase! Now I am as swift as the wind. I need a new computer :sad:
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