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  1. Akito

    Persona 4

    Yeah, all RPGs feel the same now, so I don't play very many. I'll certainly be picking up Persona 4 though... even though I haven't played P3 since April or May and still need to finish it.
  2. WTF? How does that work? Is it a glitch? Anyway, I finished the game on Wednesday, and I gotta say that I was a big E-tank whore throughout the Dr. Wily stages. The miniboss at the end of Wily stage 3 is fucking hard. Imagine that Yellow Devil boss from the first Mega Man multiplied by two (ya rly!). My favorite level is probably Tornado Man's stage because of all the fast platform jumping. My friend and I attempted several speed runs, but the best we could do is 1 minute and 41 seconds. Even that required some luck since you have to count on getting a weapon energy refill for the rush
  3. Haven't completed it yet, but I've cleared the eight bosses. I'd say it's certainly worth the download. And what's with VC and Wiiware games always coming out on Monday? That's after the weekend. It doesn't give us a lot of time to play them.
  4. This game is pretty tough. Those elephants in Concrete Man's stage were a pain in the ass. I finally just said "fuck it" and stood next to the damn things while a mashed the fire-button. I took a ton of damage in the process, but hey, it worked.
  5. Yeah, she should be cosplaying Prier from La Pucelle.
  6. I'm sure that there will sooner or later be a home-brew NES ROM port of the game that can be written to a blank NES cart. Such a thing would be worth owning for the novelty.
  7. Lookie here! You know, I never even realized that Metal Man had saw-blades in his shoulders. That only makes him even more awesome. Seriously, if I could get any Mega Man boss in Smash Brothers, it would be Metal Man.
  8. I heard LinkOcarinaMan likes dicks. It's just a rumor, but if it's true, that would be pretty weird, since he's a guy!
  9. Download it! It'll remind you that old games are awesome and new games suck.
  10. Akito


    Looks like Spice and FURRIES to me!
  11. My specs: Intel Celeron D 2.8 GHz 1.5GB DDR400 RAM (running XP, so that should be plenty) GeForce 7600 GS w/ 512MB VRAM
  12. Rearmed runs a tad slow at times on my PC, even on the lowest resolution. I can't really imagine why this game would be so demanding. It's still playable and all, but it's kind of annoying.
  13. Tenchu 4 promotes neko abuse.
  14. Akito

    Final Fantasy IV

    Yep. I was letting Cecil go solo in the Dark Elf cave (after defeating the Dark Elf, of course). Just give him counter and the battles are over with pretty quickly.
  15. Akito

    Final Fantasy IV

    Damn, they make everybody fucking weak in this version of the game. That element fiend in the Tower of Zot pretty much killed everyone in my part during the first couple of turns (Rosa died before I even had a chance to do anything). I only survived because Cecil was level 48 and I kept having Kain jump.
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