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  1. today i watched borat and bruno. About as interesting as the simpsons
  2. Yesterday i watched the first 30 minutes of Wristcutters: A Love Story and The Brothers Bloom. THEY BOTH SUCK
  3. sooo hot....dehydrating.... All I DO is drink GATORADE i dont give a CRAP
  4. I quit a job...then i quit another job....then i quit smoking All I do is take walks! I don't give a SHIT
  5. I'm at the library..... My new job is so easy and doable but I'm so nervous there for no good reason. n__n I think I have an unfounded fear that working at a gas station has corrupted me or something so I try to overcompensate by being SUPERPOLITE WOMAN to customers.
  6. well i just read the manual........
  7. amy

    Happy 4/20!

    Word I pulled an impoverished move this morning and paid in plasma money! I even referred my friend! I'm not kidding man.....I'M ON THE COMMERCIAL, that is not a lie Worth it though..... None of that body-crushing numbing shit for me today, It's all in my head. My tobacco is grown in Vancouver!!! Hey Canadian loves! Hello, spirit of Ceraziefish!
  8. I'm drinking a PBR. To me right now, it tastes like blood and wine, mixed, added to, and naturally carbonated. In Grand Theft Auto III, you can fuck up people in Portland. Lindsay, I want to fuck up everyone in Portland, except for you, so they'll all stay home sick, and you can walk around alone all day, with everything to yourself....
  9. que te sientes mejor!! yo tampoco, era mi sujeto preferido en colegio pero no lo he practicado
  10. I got some brown Charlotte Russe leather flats... I got some brown canvas shoes from Kohl's I got some sexy black boots from a thriftstore I got some black work shoes from Walmart for work
  11. A girl cant get any help from a man with that, babe
  12. He got asked by a cop if he had any dead hookers in the trunk. Apparently that's a sobriety test question to see if you laugh olololol
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