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  1. Well don;t I feel like a fool for backing the titans. Hopefully they turn it around.
  2. So it's that time of year again lets get our picks in. AFC North: Ravens South: Texans (But a sneaky suspicion that the titans might somehow get it done.) East: Patriots West: Chargers (One of these days I will say Raiders and truly believe it) Wildcard: Bengals and Titans NFC North: Packers South: Falcons East: Eagles (Shot in the dark honestly don't know) West: 49ers (But I'm kinda feeling the seahawks) Wildcard: Bears and Bucs (I know CRAZY) Superbowl: Ravens v Bears
  3. Little bit worried about the guy whose team name is third league don;t care and his icon is freeman saying I don't give a shit. I mean is he even gonna play? Hasn't selected a keeper either.
  4. one of them will be james xeno I think and another will be Baltar I believe. Belial said he was out but his name is Nick so I guess you have already counted that.
  5. That would be Will. I believe he wants his keeper to be Andre Johnson
  6. My league is probably closing down which Will's brother was in and I know he wants to continue playing so that could be another? Also spoke to Will he is definitely in, but he needs to get his espn account unlocked so he can see his team to pick a keeper.
  7. Oh I can;t remember if my friend Will played last year. Pretty sure he did but he is interested in playing again. Believe his team was the Optimus Prine's I'll pass on a message of his keeper or chuck you guys his e-mail when I next speak to him. I'm sure Brian and Will will be playing though. So with scar's friend that's 8
  8. Well last year if I recasll those who don;t have a keeper get entered into a first round of drafting allow them to choose a keeper essentially and then the actual draft starts.
  9. Chris Johnson for me (praying for the glorious return of CJ2K)
  10. So we have 4 confirmed? I'm sure Brian and Chris will be in and my new addition last year with Will takes us to 7 we really only need 1 more person. If everyone could add me on facebook or something I can make some form of group that would allow us to stay in contact or something making this easier. Also I forget how many spots are open in my other league it might just be easier to merge the two. (Name: David Emslie, sure you could find me through other guys contacts like Brian, Chris or Ryan.
  11. Someone needs to get in contact with the LM. If not I guess we could always start a new league I would be happy for scar to do it agin. I also have another league already set up and we need some extras because of drop outs last year
  12. I only half know of this. Simply because I read the article after Robin posted it on Facebook. But WHO THE FUCK IS MARIE was I just not around when she was here or some shit? But considering for the past god knows how many years I have frequainted this place like santa clause (mainly around the time when the fantasy football league needs reviving) I suppose I could actually miss shitz. BTW fantasy football league needs to be reactivated spread the word peeps.
  13. So the league needs to be reactivated! Also I have a feeling in my league we need a few new members so hit me up if you want an invite.
  14. Yeah so I haven't been here in time and there are new names on the XBL list so I will be adding people. I will rpobably send a little message along with it so people know it is me/if they still remember me. Hopefully I can actually plkay with some folks this time. Because last time I did this hardly anybody plays XBL or just ignores me :(
  15. I haven't checked the league so I might need to register my keeper but this happening again? I need to make up for my terrible last season. Also I hope you guys all tuned in for the draft.
  16. Holy crapshithe. I stop by after years of inactivity as part of procrastination and cappy returns. How the fuck is it going!?
  17. Well it's coming close to that glorious time of the year again and it's time for Windy's and Scar's (hopefully) season projections. Think I may do one load pre preseason and a post preseason. NFC North - Packers (But would not be surprised if somehow the lions pull it out of the bag) South - Falcons but with the strong feeling that the Bucs could take it East - Eagles hands down West - Rams/Cards not sure who Wildcards: Lions and Bucs (if they don't sneek their divisions) AFC Nortrh - Ravens/Steelers but I believe the Ravens will take it this year South - Colts most likely but I have a gut feeling someone else may take it this year but not sure who. East - Pats hands down West - I wish I could say Raiders but they don't finish above third this year. Chargers take back the west. Wildcards: Whoever doesn't win out of the ravens and steelers and I'm feeling the Texans this year even if arian gets injured Super Bowl - Eagles vs Pats 3Edited to add wildcards and removed the bears because I was being stupid. I mean who adds Roy Williams as an improvement to your recieving core?
  18. I know I don't get round to posting much anymore but I am still interested/love this league and intend on playing. Also I agree with 2 rb's/WR's and one flex. Also I don;t know how many bench players we have right now but dropping 4 seems pretty harsh. I know me and will (the optimus prine's) are staying, brian is I assume you two are that makes 5. Ba;tar showed interest in joining so someone should probably get in contact with him. Chris has yet to fail to play but someone should probably try and remind him about it. So that would put us up to 9 if we get all that. How many is it we need? 10 or 12?
  19. I can't watch Labyrinth again without thinking Jennifer is willing to take it up the pooper to get her brother back. Primer - Fucking astounding and so addictive. This movie I now watch on a weekly basis. I'm Here (a love story in an absolute world) - Really cool short movie Enter The Void - It's Gasper Noe you know it's gonna be awesome and trippy....no rape this time.
  20. If that's true the album has just got even fucking better. I am gonna be sporting a boner for a month
  21. Fuck me the Raiders raped the Bronco. I'm pretty sure what they did is illegal and beautiful!
  22. While I love the story and ridiculousness of Vanquish the playing time thing has kinda sold me on not buying it. I am definitely gonna pick it up in a bargain bin at some point. I'm probably gonna get DR2. Does that have local Multi-player as well. I seem to remember hearing it does. Or is it only online co-op. But I am still intrigued by Enslaved I have heard some good reviews about the game especially in regards to story and voice acting. But the idea of me and a friend raping some zombies seems to hard to pass up.
  23. While I much appreciate this reply I think DR2 is probably last on my choices. Mainly because I never really got into DR1 and while I do love me some zombie killing I'm probably leaning towards vanquish. However I did hear some good things about Enslaved plus who doesn't love the monkey king story. I dunno I may go check some more review sites. However after watching LM's DR2 Case Zero play through it was what really peaked my interest in it. While I love watching my friends play DR I don't know why I never really clicked with it. I probably should give it another try at some point. Also I don't particularly plan on picking up any older games that I don't already own. I'm tempted to pick up new vegas but the only thing stopping me is I don't have fallout 3 yet and I can pick that up pretty damn cheap. I have more conflicting emotions and thoughts then a Siamese twin hooker
  24. So yeah I have 50 quid to blow on a new game and stuck what to spend it on. I turn to you fellows to help me. I'm considering: Enslaved Vanquish Dead Rising 2 Or any other game you recommend.
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