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  1. But Brian you always took advantage of me when my parents went out to do the shopping.
  2. Did you send the e-mail after I posted because when I made the second post he had not received one. Or does he need to already have an ESPN account or something?
  3. The guy who's e-mail I posted said he has received no e-mail from you to join the league. Also I think he is gonna ask his brother who may be interested he is gonna ask him when he gets home. I'll post his e-mail up if he says yes. Also I would like to put my name forward for anyone who has any other fantasy leagues on the go and need another player.
  4. Is there an actual problem with video 3 or has it just not finished uploading?
  5. So predictions. AFC North - Ravens South - Colts East - Jets West - Raiders (I'm being serious this year) Wild Cards - Bengals, and Pats or Titans NFC North - Packers South - Saints East - Cowboys West - 49ers Wild Cards - Vikings (if favre returns) if not. Falcons and Eagles
  6. dynotoaqrimp@yahoo.com There ya go just recruited one more. It's his first year doing this sort of thing and he says he doesn't know a lot about the players but you know..fresh meat and what not.
  7. Or while I'm in Canada we can hook up and have care free sex for a week?
  8. Give me a few days and I will ask my friend when I next see him. Also I cannot do from the 12th-16th of this month any other time is fine.
  9. The funny thing is LotR took a fuck load of inspiration from celtic myths I believe he may have even had a degree in the subject and linguistics. which makes them both valid as essentially he is the inspiration of the inspiration of a celtic myth. Also btw incase you didn;t know my youtube account is TwilightHall
  10. Wow I never thought my knowledge of Celtic myths would ever come in handy but I believe Ulthane is more of a reference to an Irish myth not a Norse. The Smith of Tuatha Dé Danann Goibhniu who played a rather important part in the Second Battle of Magh Tuireadh (The Plain of Towers) between Tuatha Dé Danann (also known as the Peoples/Children of Goddess Danu/The Children of Light) against The Formoii/The Children of Darkness led by Bres and Balor of the One Eye. During the battle a warrior reported to Bres that every time one of The Children of Danu's army was slain or their weapon broken they would be taken from the battlefield and then returned with full health or their weapon fixed. It was then discovered by Ruadan (his son) that on one side of the plains Goibhniu God of Smiths and his two brothers Luchtaine God of Carpenters and Credne God of Bronze workers had set up a forge and any time a weapon was broken it would be taken to them. Goibhniu with 3 blows of his hammer would cast the head, Luchtaine with 3 hits of his axe would mend the wood and shaft and Credne would then affix the two with bronze nails so swiftly they needed no hammering thus giving The Children of Danu an endless supply of weapons. Granted this is an Irish Myth but I'm thinking Americans are rather stupid and probably don't know the difference between Irish and Scottish not to mention is name sounds a hell of a lot like Luchthaine. So there you go if you eever want to know anything more about Celtic Myths just give me a call and I'll will check it up in my big ol' books of Celtic Myths and Legends. (God I am so lame)
  11. I could maybe ask a few friends of mine.
  12. Brian you realise you had to select your keeper on the actual website yourself?
  13. Just finished reading CLA$$ WAR so fucking good. I hope they make vol 2 at some point.
  14. I watched a movie called Frayed. It is a horrible and very poor rip off of the original Halloween however the opening scene is one of the most disturbing and horrific scene I have seen. I felt both compelled to watch drop my jaw and look away all at once. I have definitely seen worse/more brutal scenes on film but there is something just truly horrific about this one that I felt the need to tell you folks. Don;t watch the movie but watch the first few minutes.
  15. Yes it is a fucking awesome black comedy. Because in Britain we only have 6 episode seasons. Don;t why we just do. Saw Inception it was fucking awesome. While if you take it at face value TS it isn't that deep/complex (although it is not complex simply through idea development kinda reminded me of a video game how they slowly introduced the new layers of complexity throughout the story.) However if you take a closer look there is a lot to think about and quite a lot of possible sub-plots and metaphors. It's definitely worth a second watch. I'm going to go see it again soon. Toy Story 3. It fucking rocked Spanish Buzz = WIN
  16. Then apparently I'm not allowed to see anyone else's keeper. But still we need some more organisation to keep this running.
  17. Fucking really?! I'm the only person who has selected their keeper. Come on guys deadline is in 11 days! Someone needs to message/e-mail all the players.
  18. I was thinking about picking this up but I think I'm gonna buy red dead redemption instead. Any thoughts?
  19. Silver Cyclone

    World Cup

    I fucking love it my friends said I was mental for saying italy france and brazil were gonna get knocked out. Oh who is laughing now bitches. My money is on Germany
  20. Silver Cyclone

    World Cup

    I have been a fucking psychic this world cup apart from England not winning their group I have been called insane and stupid by all my friends. I told them France would get knocked out and no one believed me I told them England would pull it back and make it through the group stages which no one had faith in. I will carry onto say I am suck and fucking tired of everyone saying Brazil is gonna win they're a world cup winning team etc etc. That is fucking bullshit Brazil are nowhere near as good as they were in previous and yet I hear people saying their not just attackers but a well packaged team. Fucking bullshit Brazil can hardly finish any decent chance and compared to defences like Portugal, Argentina, Netherlands they are conceding ridiculous goals and can not hold their one. Brazil are not winning it this year and they are going out soon. My money this year is on Spain(If they carry on the improvement from their first game), Portugal or Argentina to win. And England if the players start to play like they do in the premiership to win the world cup.
  21. Silver Cyclone

    World Cup

    just examine the league tables in today's paper and if my predictions are right England should easily make the semis where they would face Brazil or Spain. Both of which are playing terribly. I think England stands a half decent chance of making the final. I really should go put a bet on before everyone finally gets out of the shit mentality that England are shit and a disappointment and the odds go way down.
  22. Silver Cyclone

    World Cup

    I'm a massive football fan so I will be watching the world cup. For some reason as well I seem to be the ONLY person that has any faith in England this year. I can understand England has done nothing but raise hopes and shatter them since 1966 but I seem to be the only person to realize that the England squad members are all in their prime age of football and everyone of them is easily playing arguably the best football of their careers. The squad has speed, accuracy, defence and power it is complete and with the right leadership which I have faith in but is really the only questionable part of the team we should go far. I have already made a bet with my friend England will make the semi's. (here comes the Troll) FUCK YOU USA you NEVER should have had tht goal fuck knows how Green din't hold onto it. You lucky fuckers.
  23. Well thats good and anyone starting a fresh or a new member I suppose could be given number 1 spot in the draft or something? Or as you say simply take over someone elses team.
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