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  1. Natsu

    RT: SWEET 16

    Holy shit!!!!..its been awhile
  2. Borderlands 3 and Overwatch on occasion.
  3. Thanks for the Birthday wishes!!!
  4. Who was Dreamergirl?...OMG is that a Robin siting?
  5. wait....I don't remember typing half this stuff.
  6. C Cesraos nipples always bothered me.
  7. Big Changes are happening this year I wonder what it could be?
  8. Only people I met in RL from AE was Brit and Crubey...they were awesome in person.
  9. Tales of Xillia..Leia and anyone on a tag team is awesome!!
  10. I love reading comics and playing videogames...I am a huge nerd.
  11. Thanks Shelley:-)...this means alot....and thanks to everyone else you are awesome.
  12. ahh yes it's been 10 years geez
  13. Wow... that is amazing.. and I understood it.
  14. Injustice... love the shit outta this game..it caters to the comics fans soooo.. much and I love the cameos in the background...especially the Metropolis and Hall of Justice stages.
  15. Far Cry 3..ahh nothing like killing goats with C4.
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