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  1. what is that 80s/90s movie where a bunch of ridiculous gangs gather in one spot in new york and then somebody gets shot, so the one gang (the good guys?) have to fight they way back to coney island or some place like that?
  2. i'm drinking my last beer (sam adams winter lager)
  3. did anyone one else think that the other dimension in south park looked a lot like xen?
  4. ^they suspended you for saying that you were going to kill yourself? you should have just said that you would kill yourself if they suspended you.
  5. i did it at 10 fps, thats about all i'm willing to do... unless i get REALLY bored
  6. ^ that is possibly the greatest idea ever (tied for first place with space travel)
  7. This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction. Aperture Science We do what we must because we can. For the good of all of us. Except the ones who are dead.
  8. 4,446 bottles of beer on the wall, 4,446 bottles of beer, O' magical beer wall, i pray to you for another drink. 4,445 bottles of beer on the wall...
  9. 4,448 bottles of beer on the wall, 4,448 bottles of beer wouldn't it have made more sense just to get some kegs rather than all these bottles? 4,447 bottles of beer on the wall...
  10. 4,452 bottles of beer on the wall, 4,452 bottles of beer It is important to be prepared 4,451 bottles of beer on the wall
  11. i found that when i was going through some old stuff on my photobucket
  12. 4,454 bottles of beer on the wall. 4,454 bottles of beer!! *puts one in the fridge for later * 4,453 bottles of beer on the wall.
  13. 4457 bottles of beer on the wall, 4457 bottles of beer ^beer drinkin' machine 4456 bottles of beer on the wall
  14. Can you hear me now dude a knight riding a cow Vs a pirate riding a walrus
  15. On the tenth day of Christmas, the interment gave to me Ten Farmville invites, over NINE thousand power levels, eight rickroll links, seven WoW killers, six noobs bawwing, FIVE NECRO'D THREADS! four gaming nerds, three little memes, two mocking typos and a lol CAR in my ceiling
  16. 5,000 bottles of beer on the wall, 5,000 bottles of beer! pour out 540 bottles 4,460 beers on the wall!
  17. I know that some people do not want jokes in this thread, but after reading this for half an hour, this was the only thing that i could think to post.
  18. the clock on my comp was wrong, i didn't know that that could happen
  19. i think that someone is having sex in the dorm shower
  20. do you think that we could get Chuck Norris to put on a wig?
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