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  1. I've been all about Sherlock since October. Huzzah for season two just starting, and sadly about to end.
  2. It's raining off and on all day : / So what exactly are you up to? Some sort of social experiment?
  3. Can't seem to stop listening to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.
  4. Every time I hear him recite the oath I cringe. And the mask. That being said I'm totally going to see it at midnight.
  5. Oh yeah, I caught Super 8 the other night. T'was alright. Mostly glad that I had free passes for it.
  6. Just started watching Party Down my friends Netflix. I highly recommend it.
  7. Elite? edit: OH FUCK I HOPE THE PO DON'T COME !
  8. Well then congratulations! Although you should have enough to just make an Ikari sound board.
  9. What happened to taking time off from LP's for life stuff?
  10. I was a huge fan of Rory and how they had him calling out the Doctor on a lot of his behavior and how his presence makes other people act (especially in Vampires in Venice). But now he's just the guy who gets killed every other episode and is a bit of a token idiot. Makes me sad what they've done to his character. Amy's also just been a bit of a bitch this season as well.
  11. Matt Smith has been confirmed for another 14 episodes (christmas special and 13 ep. season). Wouldn't be surprised if this was the end of Amy and Rory though.
  12. I read that Moffat put the Daleks on ice because "everyone's seen over 400 Dalek stories already". Sounds more like a response to fans not digging the skittles iDalek makeover. There really don't the point in rebooting the Daleks only to then just forget about them entirely.
  13. Saw a comment last year about River being Amy's kid, so I wasn't really surprised. "Pond, River, I don't think Moffat is just going to let that go as a coincidence". In the premier I thought River might be the kid when she said that the first time she met the Doctor was the most frightening day of her life, combined with the whole killing "the best man she ever knew". The episode had some very cool moments towards the end with the Doctor questioning why anyone would want to go to war with him and him being a great warrior. But how about the next episode title? "Let's Kill Hitler"??
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