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  1. I've been all about Sherlock since October. Huzzah for season two just starting, and sadly about to end.
  2. It's raining off and on all day : / So what exactly are you up to? Some sort of social experiment?
  3. Can't seem to stop listening to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.
  4. Every time I hear him recite the oath I cringe. And the mask. That being said I'm totally going to see it at midnight.
  5. Oh yeah, I caught Super 8 the other night. T'was alright. Mostly glad that I had free passes for it.
  6. Just started watching Party Down my friends Netflix. I highly recommend it.
  7. Elite? edit: OH FUCK I HOPE THE PO DON'T COME !
  8. Well then congratulations! Although you should have enough to just make an Ikari sound board.
  9. What happened to taking time off from LP's for life stuff?
  10. I was a huge fan of Rory and how they had him calling out the Doctor on a lot of his behavior and how his presence makes other people act (especially in Vampires in Venice). But now he's just the guy who gets killed every other episode and is a bit of a token idiot. Makes me sad what they've done to his character. Amy's also just been a bit of a bitch this season as well.
  11. Matt Smith has been confirmed for another 14 episodes (christmas special and 13 ep. season). Wouldn't be surprised if this was the end of Amy and Rory though.
  12. I read that Moffat put the Daleks on ice because "everyone's seen over 400 Dalek stories already". Sounds more like a response to fans not digging the skittles iDalek makeover. There really don't the point in rebooting the Daleks only to then just forget about them entirely.
  13. Saw a comment last year about River being Amy's kid, so I wasn't really surprised. "Pond, River, I don't think Moffat is just going to let that go as a coincidence". In the premier I thought River might be the kid when she said that the first time she met the Doctor was the most frightening day of her life, combined with the whole killing "the best man she ever knew". The episode had some very cool moments towards the end with the Doctor questioning why anyone would want to go to war with him and him being a great warrior. But how about the next episode title? "Let's Kill Hitler"??
  14. X-men: First Class. Might as well have been called X-men: First Stand. I am not kidding when I say this movie is hilarious. There were so many times when I laughed out loud in the theater. Besides being obviously rushed into theaters there is so much wrong with the movie (and features my new favorite worst child actor scenes). And surprisingly In conclusion jazz hands = magnetism.
  15. I was going to say it was probably when the Silence had Amy in their TARDIS like lair, but after quickly forwarding through the episode Amy see's the eye-patch lady before she disappears. So then it was either before the season started or, more likely, when the show had the 3 month jump of everyone running around with marks on their skin. edit: The Silence are also the perfect rapist.
  16. I assume Matt Smith has at least another season in him. But River seems like it's going to be a total coin flip that will either finally make her feel like a character, or just be a huge disappointment that makes everyone rage. I'm leaning towards the latter.
  17. Yeah, shit got real in the last five minutes. The tie in to the 'gangers was actually pretty cool, and placed a lot of things in motion (even if you could see it a mile away, I still kinda liked it). Only thing bothering me is that Rory was a bit of a shithead for really no good reason. The next episode however looks pretty fucking awesome. I hope we get a genuine moment with River's reveal though and not some passing comment only to be ret-conned later. The 3 month break after this episode is going to be rough. Really had higher hopes for this season, and expected a lot more out of it for a split season. I don't think the next episode can redeem this first half of the season. I only hope it's a tasty set up to the rest.
  18. Holy crap have you slimed down. Looking good mang.
  19. I think BBC America is also going to delay another week for whatever reason. Not that it affects me in the least.
  20. Just had some fish tacos, if you know what I mean.
  21. She kills "the best man I've ever known" which strongly indicates that she kills the Doctor. Who knows, maybe it was her in the space suit. I liked the idea of River a lot better when she was simply out of sync with the Doctor's time line, instead of them simply meeting in reverse. It was great when she realized that would be her last kiss to the Doctor, and pretty fantastic acting on River's part. Oh and the console of the TARDIS that he makes is incredibly similar to I don't know which Doctor used it, but I do know I've seen it in older episodes.
  22. So Team Fortress Batman? Only professionals aim a bow in such a manner to get railed from behind.
  23. I really have not been digging this season of Who. Breaks my heart a little bit. It felt like there were so many missed opportunities in the first two episodes, especially with the whole cut to 3 months later. But between the constant reminders that the Doctor dies and Schrodinger's zygote I'm getting pretty annoyed with them shoving Bad Wolves down our throat. And really how can the Doctor not at least know who sent out those cards? 11 was built up to be pretty observent in season 5 and now he doesn't even have a clue? Not that I'm ever going to stop watching the show though. The Doctor's wife had a lot (and I really mean a lot) or really good stuff in it. But the fact that House only existed as a plot device really bugged me. Random bubble universe, random sentient entity. I think both could have benefited from more Time Lord lore/exposition. As far as the Rebel Flesh goes I thought it was extremely meh. Not a whole lot happened besides 'gangers and the predictable Doctor ganger. Hopefully things get interesting in the second part.
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