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  1. gavin castleton - "bugguts" (i'm seriously in love with this stuff :wub: )
  2. mars volta - "teflon" (FUCK i've been listening to a lot of this)
  3. i'll get on it later if i remember <-- jesu - "star" (godDAMN this song is still fucking amazing :wub: )
  4. haruki murakami - the wind-up bird chronicle
  5. check out this video of me shooting my friend in the face with a foam dart
  6. holy roman empire - "topography" (been listening to tons of this band again :wub: )
  7. lately i've had some CRAZY fucking anxiety-thing that takes me out of the things i'm doing sometimes and makes it super hard to get stuff done. go see a doctor if you're worried. i saw a physician a while back when i started feeling hazy during the day and she gave me some crazy pills that pull me back when i'm not feeling right and now i'm testing the waters with some therapists your brain is important shit man. think of this like a spot on your dick--it might be nothing, or it might be fucking DICK CANCER. so see a doctor if you've got spots on your dick
  8. just got done spending time with my lady. she's going on a little vacation, then has some visitors coming from outta town so i probably won't get to see her again for a few days. MAN it sucks only getting to see your girlfriend only about once a week at least we make the most of the time we get to hang out :eyebrows:
  9. octopus project - "ghost moves" ... mars volta - "cotopaxi" ... mars volta - "desperate graves" (what a cute song )
  10. K, i left a message on my girl's mom's cell phone and totally got a hold of her. ridiculous antics ahooooy~
  11. mars volta - "vicarious atonement" (i seriously like this song way too much)
  12. SHIT. my girl lost her cell phone and facebooked me the wrong number to her house phone. fuuuuuuck
  13. freelance bishops - "smack my bishop" (back on the funk tip ) ... holy roman empire - "hail mary"
  14. so ya, i don't have enough work to really necessitate a full website right now so i made a blog (which i've been meaning to do anyways) i'll prob update with little stuff pretty often and legit finished work once a week at least. enjoyeee http://grimwilkins.blogspot.com/
  15. i'm not a gun - "long division" ... kylesa - "said and done"
  16. follow your heart, bud. true opportunity doesn't come around all that often, and passing it up in favor of job security might make for a more comfortable, but ultimately less satisfying life
  17. angel dust - "still i'm bleeding" one of my fave songs EVVERRRR
  18. oh ya, here's a recent one my pal took of me outside the bar one night
  19. it's fucked up. i don't even really have a legit reason to have any problems right now: got a rad girlfriend, just moved into a new house with a kickass roommate, been making decent art. boo mental health, boooooo
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