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  1. Eh, I think you're blowing this out of proportion. She thought she was interested in you, did her thing to see if she could ignite any chemistry with you (she probably liked your personality but wasn't sexually attracted to you, hence the 'slightly sexy' talk), didn't really feel the date, and decided to cut it off from progressing anywhere else. Sounds like she wanted to stick it out to see if any chemistry developed. It happens a lot, on BOTH sites. Women just handle it this way. Guys will usually just be dating a few girls at the same time, then act distant to break it off. I'm actually glad she broke it off the way she did instead of leading you on further. I did something similar recently, but he was the 'pursuer.' I gave it a shot, and broke it off when there was no chemistry. Aww, I did the "Hey, can we talk?" thing too. Damnit. At least I wasn't a total bitch about it and didn't lead him on. :P
  2. Is it really that hard to ignore someone calling you? I mean, really? I've had a bunch of crazy assholes calling my phone constantly, thinking I was their dealer Carlos. Who would then proceed to be creepy and hit on me. Just.. don't answer the phone at strange numbers. She can't hurt you. This is really childish.
  3. I'm not even a huge Simpsons fan and I got it. :headbang:
  4. Pretty much this. :( Simon Pegg isn't enough to bring me to spend money on this movie.
  5. That's a good start! I moved to the next state with like a grand. 450 for the Uhaul, 500 for first month's rent, and was super lucky to get a job within a week of moving there. @____@ I recommend saving a little more than that.. I totally hiked up my credit card debt that first year.
  6. Is your dad still around? Does he do anything about any of this? When things got tense with my family, moving out helped a ton. My mom and I were at each other's throats and there was an incident where we had to call the police, but now we're on really good terms. :O
  7. As a former compulsive liar, that's EXACTLY why I thought you were lying for a moment. The name is so utterly cute and redunkulous that it would absolutely add some leverage to a lie. Nobody is going to second-guess a story like that, except for the truly skeptical/frequently lied to.
  8. Edit: It must be true, I see it on yer facebook :D
  9. A better government job (graphic designer for CIA or something, hopefully!), a low-maintenance town house, time to do my art on the side, and a guy supportive of my weird hours and hobbies. :)
  10. I work with the plan review engineers, and I know that they and traffic are really short on plans lately because nobody is coming in to build. :( Phoenix lost like 200 people, and Mesa removed a ton of their engineers! Crazy stuff. That's why I'm knocking on wood. ;) We've been finding other ways to keep busy, at least. CAP is doing pretty well, but budget cuts froze a few projects so I hope their engineers aren't affected. :/
  11. A show, a first date (on Valentine's! WTF the pressure), then the vampire masquerade ball.
  12. Hell yes! Government jobs are still fairly stable, despite it all. *knocks on wood!!!* >_<
  13. New beginnings are awesome! :) Congrats~~
  14. I still think being an online buddy is too much, and you shouldn't even think about the possibility of real life interaction. It enables her in many ways, and gives her an emotional crutch instead of the opportunity to face her problems and solve them. I've been there, done that. While you pretend to have the power here, you feel some desire to 'fix' her which means that she still has a hold on you. If she needs someone to listen to, let her find a friend she knows IRL, or a shrink.
  15. Man, this is going to turn into a train wreck if you go down that bleeding heart path. Stay. AWAY. :unsure:
  16. Damn those Japanese game developers for making games laced with Asian elements and culture. How dare they. They need to Americanize it more to make it more accessible for Western audiences! ... I'm sure the misunderstanding will be made clear with a more proper translation, and once we understand the context of the phrases and the social classes in the story. Knit hat guy owns. :D
  17. Gee, thanks a lot. :/ I totally get what you mean. I attracted a nice, seemingly normal guy lately, and I dont. know. what. to. do. with. him. This is out of my realm.
  18. I have the curse of finding the nice, older guys (who are over the partying stage, maybe 28-35), but they end up having 1-2 kids. :(
  19. Mainly because it titillates them, both that they have the power in the communication and that some random stranger finds them hot. :whistling:
  20. True Fact: If a girl online plays hard to get, or swears that she's super time-conflicted, she's not into you and is hoping you get fed up and cancel.
  21. AND A BABY CHOCOBO LIVES IN HIS FRO. :headbang: :headbang: I cant believe there is a non-androgynous character in the playable cast. :D
  22. But FF12 was amazing, and if you can grind through FF11, their story is pretty good too. :( <<<< LARSA LARSA LARSA
  23. I want a Little Big Planet movie now. :P
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