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  1. I always avoided driving on 35W. That whole interstate is a mess.
  2. The next sunspot cycle is starting up soon and is predicted to be 30% to 50% stronger than the previous one with the solar maximum hitting sometime in 2012 or sooner. We could be looking at major communications and navigations disruptions, more satellite failures, possible disruptions of electrical grids, and huge blackouts. I doubt an "end of the world" type senario but it should be interesting to see what happens.
  3. Sharpton and Jesse Jackass are single-handedly solving the problem facing the black community such as black on black crime, black teenage pregnancy and drug use by taking down one white man at a time. Imus was the real reason for the problems facing the black community, he was holding them back and Sharpton and Jackass took him down hard. All is well in the black community now.
  4. Awesome game. Story just keeps getting better with each chapter I beat.
  5. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7...dfeed&hl=en taken with a cellphone camera
  6. This movie did not interest me until I saw the results for the contest all thanks to YTMND of course. http://optimusbarrell.ytmnd.com/
  7. Let me explain to all of you ignoramuses the tremendous power the United Nations can leverage to make things happen in the world. You simple have to understand the concise series of steps the United Nations takes to get rogue countries to comply with its wishes: 1) Warning of a personal reprimand from Kofi Annan 2) Personal statement of potential reprimand from Kofi Annan 3) Personal reprimand from Kofi Annan 4) Warning of possibility of future action from the United Nations by Kofi Annan 5) Warning of a warning of an upcoming strongly worded condemnation 6) 1st warning of a strongly-w
  8. The cover was blown wide open and it was revealed that the CIA is seeking to permit tough interrogation techniques. Are you ready for the Dreaded Belly Slap? Thats it, we've lost the moral high ground.
  9. If anyone has an elf fetish, here ya go; ~ Kaisa Jouhki of Battlelore
  10. guy incognito

    DJ Krush

    If you like hip hop and jazz, check out DJ Cam Mad Blunted Jazz http://www.inflamable.com/ Also Guru's Jazzmatazz projects have great jazz samples http://www.myfilehut.com/userfiles/128518/Loungin%27.mp3
  11. So the Bush administration was able to sneak demolitions into the worldtrade center, spent days, weeks, maybe months planting and positioning these explosives unbeknownst to EVERYONE working there. And then coordinated them to go off just as the towers were hit by the hijacked planes. Sending our country into a war on terror, just to invade Iraq. Yet... This administration was unable to plant WMDs into Iraq. That makes a lot of sense. The gov't was sly enough to pack explosives into a building in full public view, but could not manage to smuggle in a single WMD in a desert the size o
  12. Now we need more flying pig moments and there will be total peace in the middle east. 1/Hamas recognises Israel, supports 2 state solution and disarms factions 2/Iran elects moderate president, cuts off support of Hezbollah, ends nuclear programs 3/Syria's Assad withdraws from Lebanon. The pigs flying, but how long will it last?
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