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    E3 2011 Thread

    Microsoft's press conference begins in a bit. The cat is out of the bag for some stuff though like the Halo remake, and Halo 4. - Mass Effect 3 will support voice recognition. You can command allies and select responses with the (Kinect) mic. - Ghost Recon: Future Solider also supports Kinect. You can customize weapons with touch and voice. - All new Tom Clancy games will support Kinect in some way. - Youtube and Bing are coming to Live. - Xbox Live TV is out coming out in the fall. - Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary announced, comes out Nov 15., this year. - Forza 4 release date is Oct 11th of this year. - Fable: The Journey was announced. A on-rails Fable game that is fully controlled with Kinect. - Minecraft with Kinect controls is coming to Live. - Kinect: Disnland Adventures, basically Kinect Adventures with a Disneyland theme. Releases this year. - Kinect Fun Labs. Human scanning to create avatars, finger tracking/tracing, and object scanning. - Kinect Sports Season 2 was announced. - Dance Central 2 also coming out this year. Songs can be imported from one and will have multiplayer. - Short teaser for Halo 4. Will be a new trilogy. Comes out next year.
  2. J-Stop

    E3 2011 Thread

    Yep. Hopefully next week will be a bit more active. ;) Konami's presser was okay. Not a whole lot was announced, but some highlights. - A Metal Gear Solid HD collection was announced. It'll have MGS2, 3, and the newly revealed Peace Walker HD. (Japan gets shafted, though. Their collection only has 2 and 3. PW: HD is being released as a separate retail game) - Silent Hill and Zone of the Enders HD collections were also announced. ZoE will have 1 and 2, while Silent Hill only has 2 and 3. SH4 nor the PSP games are included. - Reboot of Contra was teased. - Silent Hill: Downpour has been delayed. - The name of a Silent Hill NGP/Vita project was shown. Silent Hill: Book of Memories. - New Kojima projected was vaguely mentioned. He mainly talked about it being created on their Fox Engine. MGS: Rising was a no show and Kojima apologized for it. For how mum they were on it today, combined with the constant reminder to fans that he won't be at E3 makes me feel like he's going to go all Twilight Princess-Miyamoto during one of the conferences and show off Rising with Kinect and/or Move.
  3. J-Stop

    E3 2011 Thread

    Because God wanted to see what Project Cafe was all about before committing to the end of the world. Nintendo has Project Cafe/Feel. Sony has NGP, rumored to be renamed PSVita and a bit downgraded since it was shown off in January. Microsoft will probably show off "hardcore" games for Kinect. This is the first E3 in a while where there are enough games coming out to hold my interest till the end of the year that E3 doesn't feel as exciting. Infamous 2, Child of Eden, Duke Nukem Forever, Zelda OoT remake, Fear 3, Shadows of the Damned, Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Catherine, Cave Story 3D, No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dead Island, Resistance 3, Rage, Gears of War 3, the Persona 2 remake for PSP, Arkham City, Dark Souls, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, and Assassin's Creed Revelations. All due out by the end of the year (granted, some of them will definitely slip into '12). Konami's pre-E3 "show" starts today in a few hours, you can watch it here. http://www.konami.com/e3/ As for pressers, Micosoft's is on June 6th at 12:30, and Sony at 8pm (est). Nintendo is the day after at 12 I think, if it's the same as the last three years anyway. Ubi's is on the 6th sometime too.
  4. It's really expensive. But, really. US price is $250, and comes out on March 27th in two different colors. Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black. There will be more colors in the future like orange and purple. Launch games include: Asphalt 3D Bust-A-Move: Universe Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D Crush 3D Dead or Alive Dimensions Dual Pen Sports LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Madden NFL Football Nintendogs + cats Pilotwings Resort Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D Rabbids Travel in Time Rayman 3D Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Ridge Racer 3D Samurai Warriors Chronicles Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked Super Monkey Ball 3D Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition The Sims 3 Thor: God of Thunder Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D Other titles like Kid Icarus: Uprising, Ocarina of Time remake, Snake Eater 3DS, and Mega Man Legends 3 will be out later in the year.
  5. It's their attempt to hawk planned DLC as a full fledged $60 retail game.
  6. Square-Enix is working on some Final Fantasy games and they want you to know about it. Trailers in spoiler links. Final Fantasy Agito has been renamed to "Final Fantasy Type-0", still a PSP game, will ship on two UMDs. Final Fantasy XIII-2 was announced for this year (/next year for America). For both PS3 and 360. The trailer has some pretty massive spoilers for 13, so be warned. Final Fantasy XIII Verses still has no release date, but a new 6 min trailer is out with a bunch of gameplay. Still a PS3 exclusive game. Also, Kingdom Hearts 3DS is now Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Edit: KH3DS and Type-0 trailer links have been changed to urls since the board still only allows for 2 Youtube videos to be linked in one post.
  7. The ten or so hours I've played of New Vegas was fantastic. Up until I hit a bit where the game drops random characters and enemies out into the field when I left any location. A huge chunk of important, quest-giving characters and traders fucking died on me simply because the game spit them out in random places along with hostile enemies. Hopefully by the time GotY edition comes out they'll have this shit ironed out.
  8. Just cosmetic stuff like a tattoo, dog skin, and outfits. Other than that you get potions that raise the dead and slo-mo for a limited of time. It's not substantial content like Knotholehole Island in Fable II.
  9. Most of Best Buy and Amazon's Black Friday deals have already started for anyone who wants to get on them now. Halo Reach and Fable III is a universal price drop, though. So there's no rush if you want to buy those. Best Buy will also have a shit load of games on sale tomorrow for $10. Highlights are Uncharted 2, Prototype, and both Ratchet and Clank Future games. Also, PSN and Xbox Live are having discounts. For Live: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Promotion/BlackFriday For PSN: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2010/11/24/ps3blackfriday/
  10. It's not just you, Sonic controls tighter. He doesn't flail all over the place if you jump too high and let go of the button. You can either get used to the new tighter physics, or go on an insane eleven minute rant about it on Youtube. This guy did one of those things. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6-1cGzPn3E
  11. Medal of Honor. The new one that stars Dusty Hill.
  12. Save the skin on your fingers and just grab a hacker (computer case + flashlight) and use it on ATM machines. They'll pop out a shit load of cash. The Yucatan Casino has 4 ATMs all in the same area.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVAKnGMc6WY
  14. My guiniea pigs are already dead! How dare you say such disrespectful things! :(
  15. Not really. That's pretty much what she was. http://cam4.com/mairabloom Edit: Also ironic that she has /b/ tagged across her tits. Where suicide is indeed funny! And because I want to state it for the record I don't know if you've become delusional, mental, or confusing me for another member over the years but that's retarted. The only "inside info" I had was through retail employees about video game deals that I passed on to AN and here. I didn't pass around information about other people because everyone worth talking about was already in the chat with us. So again, I have no idea what the hell you're talking about. Unless you're confusing me with Ashley. And fuck if I know where she is today. Maybe that raging hard-on for amy's death to make you such a white knight in this thread is clouding your mind or something. (see? I can just assume you're having sex with other member here too if I want to be desperate in my replies as well. that works, right?). But you're off your fucking rocker now. I understand it's easy to make shit up about people to suit your argument, but don't be surprised when people call you out for it. I fully admit to trolling this thread because I had no feelings for amy whatsoever (even though I signed a card someone made to her family), but really towards the end I found it more funny to poke at your cage because of the random shit you threw into your argument when defending this thread came out. I just wanted to see what else you'd make up, and this post made my day.
  16. Absolutely. But I'm not getting any kind of pleasure out of it, it's just funny. It's like if I made a thread here about a hooker that killed herself, no one would care, and 90% would probably make jokes about it. If she was a member here for a tiny bit though, then things would be different.
  17. Because I find it hilarious, and it amuses me when people want to blow things out of proportion. Edit: I'd like to state too that while AE is a no-name board and none of you will be around by the end of the year, I still care about the board. But not this thread, or amy. That's why I find this thread hilarious.
  18. The only thing holier-than-thou is the fact that I have no symphony for amy, that's all. She was a camwhore who drugged herself out and then killed herself, the only memory I have of amy is when she emailed my fiancee for drug money. I care about her as much as I'd do any other stupid teenager that does that. But I'm a member here, and can say that. Especially since none of her family is going to come here anyway, and I've already said sorry to them. It sure is stupid, but you seem to think I care. The only thing I cared about was everyone here jumped on Coffee like she was desecrating this no-name thread on a no-name board. Like we have done to alive members time and time again. Just because this thread is based on a person who killed themselves, shouldn't make it any different. And no, I've only met Keira twice in my life. And if she killed herself or she died and we had the same thread for her, I'd have the same amount of sympathy.
  19. I blame Alundra for labeling Coffee's post as "desecration" and making her out to be someone who just shit all over amy. That pushes my buttons. Everyone wants to bring up this thread as if it's a big thing, that it's somehow amy's actual Wake. On a message board where we post cocks that don't get modded out for days, and people who only come in here because they're searching for a musicians album title. However, I'm fine with this. If everyone wants to see it that way, that's fine by me, but don't act like it's the most important thread ever and that all her friends and family are reading it. They aren't. No one is besides us. What I can't stand though is it's somehow okay to be a dickbag to our alive members. If someone can come in and say fuck you to someone else in this thread, I should be able to do the same back. Also, when we've had drama in here before with people who are alive, it's all "LOL INTERNET" but suddenly when someone is dead, you can't pull that card out anymore. LOL INTERNET
  20. This is why I <3 AE. "Everyone in this thread: Goddamn! Amy was such a trainwreck, (laundry list of reasons why). But she's dead now and I'll remember the good things about her!" "Coffee: Um, it's sorta awful that you guys are even bringing stuff like that up. I was afraid of making a thread since that's what it might have snowballed into." "Everyone now in this thread: HOW DARE YOU SAY SOMETHING SO DISRESPECTFUL! YOU ARE THE WORST POSTER IN EXISTENCE!" I just find it funny because that's the only reason why she brought it up, not that she was holding it over your heads. Everyone here blows shit way out of proportion and takes advantage of the situation when anyone attacks anyone else. It's also funny because Coffee did the same damn thing everyone else here did when she heard, and everyone acts like she went on her grave and took a fresh shit over it or something, even though the drug use, camwhore, etc, have been brought up by everyone BEFORE her post. Also, it's retarded that anyone would use "He only brought it up so the thread could be deleted!" excuse for the porn of amy thread. We have a PM system. It would have been a whole lot more tasteful to do it that way so it wasn't even brought up, and his original posts could have been cut afterward. So cut the shit. I wasn't going to mention this, but I'm sick of people keep on bringing it up. So let's drop it already so we can go back to all pretending to know amy and that she was this perfect friend to everyone, and that she'll read this thread from heaven or whatever, and assume that her family is scowing the internet looking for no-name message boards that have a remembrance thread. "Someone on accelerated evolution said something about our amy? This can't be!" In order for them to find it they'd have to put the facebook URL into google and go a few links down to find it. That's internet-detective-ry, and already evidenced by this thread, is the worst sin of all.
  21. Now I'm very confused as to why you champion Bioware games.
  22. ADN asked me to post this since her account got wiped when AE went to shit a year ago.
  23. There was also Alundra, Siendra, and Serya something, who I think was Crube's friend.
  24. You're never on AIM anymore, and I don't think you're friends with some of us on facebook. So I can imagine why you didn't. It's just weird how most of us from the old VG chats found out about this before people who kept in touch with her did. Already mentioned, but still strange! But I don't remember who came to us about it originally. We just grouped together to send cards out at that point. I know someone sent cards to her sister too, but it wasn't me because I didn't even know she had a sister. That's how well some of us knew Amy.
  25. Yeah, pokemon jokes are so outdated now. I found this highly offensive.
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