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  1. Cip

    Our Daily Trespasses

    I liked it a lot, make sure to post their myspace or something with studio recordings when you get a chance!
  2. Cip

    Good Soul Music?

    great thanks, Time and Place? It seems to be his only album
  3. Cip

    Good Soul Music?

    Hey guys, I was just curious as to what really beefy vocal soul music is out there? I really don't have much at all and I've just gotten an MPC1000 used for sampling/creating beats so to test it out I'm looking for some really catchy soul hooks to sample. Anyhow if anyone could recommend me some hearty soul I'd love it. Thanks
  4. Hello All! I have a college radio station I'm trying to get people to listen to @ http://radio.southernct.edu/dev/listen_online/index.html The show usually starts out with acoustic/folky music and gradually works its way into ending with more synthetic artists. There's some good range and I try to play lesser mainstream music, bands like royksopp, M83, grizzly bear, Wild Beasts, crystal castles, colour revolt, and so on. Anyways just trying to promote is all if anyone listens I hope you enjoy! http://radio.southernct.edu/dev/listen_online/index.html Its on every Thursday at 7-8pm
  5. Girls IS SO GOOD, there are some great live videos of them performing on a rooftop over at pitchfork.com
  6. Boards of Canada - Roygbiv
  7. Cip


    Its going to be insane. I'm most excited at the fact that Daft Punk is scheduled to score the film, what's more suiting?
  8. Muxtape is pretty impressive now, go spam last.fm and forums with the link, I think it'll be excellent promotion. very organized. also, i got Heaven and Hell, haven't listened all the way through but it sounded promising from the first song or two.
  9. I didn't really mean anything by it. I was just being facetious.
  10. galexia feat. knowledge leading the way?
  11. You should probably listen to Modest Mouse's "This is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About" if you like "indie" music I'm sure you've already been acquainted with the album. Cymbals Eat Guitars is a really new band I've been into and find amazing, their music is very raw and serves as a breath of fresh air. Their Pitchfork review actually compares the album to a road trip.
  12. album art is awesome, reminds me of NIN. I'll listen over the week and post back later
  13. Porcupine Tree - The Sky Moves Sideways Phase 1 I've forgotten how glorious this album is.
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