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  1. As a Miami fan I watched the 30 by 30 show. I cheered, I laughed, I cried.....I need a new pair of pants. go Canes!
  2. omg the Machida vs shogun fight must have been the biggest screw job in ufc history! Machida gets pushed around and bullied the whole fight and the judges still give the decision to Machida gg UFC!
  3. Loreilai -asmodian 41 sorc on lumiel
  4. If any of you want to get an open beta key here is a link to how to get one http://www.fileplanet.com/promotion/aionbeta/signup.aspx better hurry and sign up cause its first come first serve.
  5. info for anyone wanting to try open beta with the patch the game is launching with from sept. 6-13 http://na.aiononline.com/en/news/open-beta-client-now-available-for-download.html closing with fanservice :P
  6. there is one more closed beta event next friday-monday then toons will be wiped. After which there will be an open beta my guess being around early-mid september and after the open beta there will be another character wipe. then head start will begin for those who preordered the game on the 20th and on the 22nd the game will go live for everyone else.
  7. for those that do not know or have forgotten the next beta event starts Friday 3 pm est
  8. can't really say right now not having expierenced the pvp or truly getting my to the meat of my class.From what i heard most classes do not really get their class defining skill until the late 20a. What i will say is the game looks and performs great with all settings set on high i get aound 60-120 fps pve is also chalenging definetly no pulling 10 or so mobs then loling as you beat them down my glad at lv 19
  9. lol, got started with the glad and never stopped he is 19 now
  10. i'll be on siel later on my sorc im currently lvling a metro sexual warrior elyos on the other server
  11. the game is unforgiving with cooldowns and punishes button mashers/spamers. most of the abilites have rather long cooldowns(5 secs to over minute) so its a real pain in the arse if you use the wrong ability at the wrong time. edit: http://g4tv.com/videos/37487/GDC-09-Aion-Tower-of-Eternity-Walkthrough/ 23 min inside look at AION
  12. got a lv 10 asmodian sorc named zerese on siel server making a temp or glad durring the next beta event edit: you might want to enter your beta code and start downloading the game early the patcher can take for freaking ever to download the 5.2gb file
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