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  1. I'm turning 21 in a month. I joined AN back in 2002. 6 years. Wow.
  2. Suga Babe


    I think its amazing how Samurai Drifter goes on and starts bashing Christianity here when he was all gung-ho about defending it and bashing Islam here. In relation to the topic -- I don't mind gays and lesbians either way -- as long as they're not hitting on me.
  3. First the WBC planning to picket his funeral -- now John Gibson on Fox News Radio: http://thinkprogress.org/2008/01/23/gibson-mocks-ledger/ And then he "apologized" -- not for his comments, but for the fact people were offended by his comments. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ8sFzuWouo What's with all these fuckers?
  4. If not, you could always get one of the Canadians to hit up one of the stores for you and get the games and then ship em to ya.
  5. In relation to the first post -- I think this' over. The British teacher got a full pardon by the President of Sudan. I think that should sort of prove that we aren't that bloodthirsty.
  6. Both Christianity and Islam spawn violent ignorant morons. One was under the microscope then, the other is under it now. The thing I find ignorant about you being against certain religions, moreso speaking on Islam, is that you don't know the religion -- there are good and bad sides to it. If you took the time to look up things about Islam -- good things -- then you'd see that it isn't that bad. That's my biggest issue here -- is that you go on calling Muslims violent and what not yet you only know of it what you've heard in the media -- if you researched it then we'd have a debate...rather than...this. You siad you didn't like it that people were bashing Christianity -- thats the way i feel, I don't like that you're bashing Islam without know it. I did feel I knew you -- I did, but when you went on to bash Islam again...well, I had to reevaluate. I felt offended by your thread -- I felt you were attacking me because I am Muslim -- since you seem to be going out of your way to prove Muslims are violent. The first thing that came to my mind was that you were being racist since this isn't the first time -- because that is how I truly felt then. I'll retract the racist statement. Just end this stupid arguement -- this will never be a debate unless you research the religion for yourself -- all we'll end up doing is bickering back and forth. And I don't feel a friendship should end on the grounds of a slight difference in opinions or misunderstanding. Anyways...whatever, I'm out.
  7. Never once have I considered it? I have, you don't know that I haven't. Many higher-ups in the Muslims-world have denounced many of the happenings that go on that people use Islam as an excuse for. People kill everywhere -- its because Islam is under a microscope now that everything is blow out of proportion when it is brought up into anything. The molesters, rapists and torture arguement had to do with the issue of Justice. You said that it wasn't justice -- and I mentioned that there's a lot of injustice in the world. People would [and are] consider the teacher getting off with a 15-day jail sentence an injustice. That's their law -- you can't change it, I'm not defending it...but you can't change it. It's their country -- their law, if people have issues with them they should avoid going there. Why can't you just end this argument with a -- Islam and Christianity both have their extremists. Why argue what has more or less? Other people insult Christianity -- what did Islam have to do with it? What did it do to YOU that you had to make not one, but TWO threads on it? I accused you of being a racist because of you always saying Muslims are bloodthirsty -- I was, like...whatever, a year ago. I assumed it was your ignorance speaking then -- so I tried to educate you -- but you come back now, a year later, and made another thread about the same thing -- Muslims are bloodthirsty -- when it was the teacher who broke the law, so it was her fault. I can't help but get a racist vibe from you -- I haven't made threads insulting Christianity. You think I'm not just as surprised? I simply stated what was on my mind -- I felt you were being racist at this point, so I said it. Not a year ago when you were going to come to AN -- it was whatever then. It was whatever during the first thread. it became an issue during this one when you refused to give up on a dead argument. Why can't you go and try to attack other religions? I'm sure we've got other religions represented in this forum...may it be just the families of the members that are practicing the religion or the members themselves. Why must you come back and attack my religion again? How can I help but feel you're being racist towards Muslims? Towards me? All you seem to be thinking of is yourself right now -- that I called you a racist -- but you don't seem to be thinking of my feelings right now -- how the hell I feel about this whole thing. I don't know how you can denounce a friendship we've had for years in minutes?
  8. Pakistan. My mom is from the northern part -- close to Afghanistan. My dad is from the Eastern part -- directly bordering India. My mom was a teacher, my dad didn't have a job -- so most of the two years I lived there was spent in the North.
  9. I've tried to explain this to Jeff before. It's the culture in the middle east that promotes most of the violence -- these kids grow in and up in that violent atmosphere -- they know no better than what they've known all their lives. He doesn't seem to understand that -- it's not the religion, it's the atmosphere and/or culture.
  10. I got my definition from dictionary.com, dude. They may be anti-religion but they're not going about making threads like these. You said Muslims are more bloodthirsty than Christians -- so you're still calling them blood thirsty. THEN you said "Considering that half of the middle east is a Muslim theocracy" -- and I happen to fall under the half that are under the religion of Islam. SO, technically speaking, I'd think you were calling me bloodthirsty, wouldn't I? Yeah. Because that is what I'm thinking. It hardly matters what I consider right or wrong when it comes to the Sudan incident -- because that was the law there. It doesn't matter if the kids suggest it -- it was her, ultimately, that named the bear that. You're failing to understand the fact that what we think doesn't matter because we do not own Sudan -- nor can we change their laws. It is was it is there -- and if thats the law there, that's the law -- she broke it, she paid a price. End of story. If she had such an issue with the law she shouldn't have gone there in the first place -- there are plenty of other countries she could've gone to to teach in with less strict laws. But she didn't -- she chosen Sudan, and they had a law there -- she broke it, she paid the price. The law is what it is. You think its JUSTICE when rapists and molesters get probation or 2 years [sometimes less than] or something in jail? What about the torture in the Abu Ghraib prison? All of those convicted faced less than 10 years jail time. Was that JUSTICE? It's because Islam is the centre of attention at the moment religion-wise -- I'm sure we haven't forgotten the KKK. I don't know why you have to go out of your way to try and prove that Muslims are more bloodthristy than Christians -- every religion has its crazy people -- why can't you just except that? Saying 'Muslims aren't more bloodthirsty than Christians' [sarcastically] -- I take it generally...it's not like he said 'The EXTREMIST Muslims aren't more bloodthirsty than the Extremist Christians'. I was raised in Canada -- but my parents were raised in the middle east -- they're not violent and/or extremists. Hell, we left the middle east because our houses were being burned. We had to leave. My grandparents went through the whole Pakistan/India split -- they had to make their way over from India during the mass migration. They weren't violent. But a lot of people do bear arms there. And that alone makes you guys seem more violent to me and a lot of people I know. I think it does -- because that's what Jeff used to bring this argument up again. She got a 15-day jail sentence in the end.
  11. Yeah -- I am. Most of my family still lives there -- so we get first hand accounts of stuff happening there like...every weekend. Go ahead dude, it's all good -- it is the 'Serious Debates & Discussions' area -- have your say!
  12. adjective 1. based on racial intolerance; "racist remarks" 2. discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion Oh, but you did -- have you forgotten that I'm Muslim? And the fact of the matter that I AM from the middle east -- that I wasn't born here? So, technically, by your mold I am a bloodthirsty Muslim. Violence and ignorance is everywhere -- hell, its written in the American constitution you have the right to bear arms. And you've clearly proven the 'ignorant' part of it -- you don't know Islam, you don't know the culture from a first-hand experience -- every time you say Muslims are more bloodthirsty you're saying it from an ignorant point of view. THIS argument -- about this woman -- you've yet to address the fact that she broke the LAW. She deserved what she got because she failed to abide by the laws of the country she willfully went to live and work in. To you it seems like there are a hell of a lot of extremists because that's the only time you ever hear about them is on the TV. The few are nothing -- considering the world population of Islam is ~20%. I already dealt with the racist + religion thing above.
  13. I agree with both of those -- the av looks gangsta.
  14. Last time I checked you were a Muslim if you followed the religion of Islam. You're offended by that accusation? Have you EVER considered how I feel? Do you think I'm not offended by you constantly going off and saying Muslims are bloodthirsty? I simply called you racist -- you called me BLOODTHIRSTY. Last time I checked, the latter tends to have a far worse connotation.
  15. I know that the concept of redemption does exist in the Qur'an -- I couldn't tell you what it is because I don't remember much of it since I read it over 10 years ago. Because its not against the law. I'm sure that if it were then they would get in some sort of trouble.
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