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  1. sorry 2 hear that darcie. when i had my wisdom teeth out they put me to sleep. i thought that was sop?????
  2. had a pack of djarum blacks, was good working my way through parliaments (which i got for free) next gonna buy vanilla djarum blacks i think
  3. weird how a-e kinda died on a strange, sad note
  4. this is really sad/strange to hear. it's hard to imagine some dead especially at only 21? what a life... i was worried about her too like laurie said. i talked to her last summer for the last time over aim and she seemed really mentally unwell/detached but i never really learned the details it's strange i mean we talked since we were like 12/13 and for a long time i thought of her as one of my best friends and we were really close.. i've never met such a genuinely good/nice person... sad that it seemed like her life suddenly took a sharp turn for the worse when her parents divorced and then college etc idk i wonder what happened.
  5. the best music cool clothes and attitude :(
  6. late 80s early 90s best time in history :((
  7. did a-e basically die? i think getting rid of RT was a really bad idea. rocksteady do u have aim??
  8. libertarianism is totally retarded. so is ayn rand. especially ayn rand. anyway i'm eating an orange.
  9. margot

    Anal sex;

    just going by what i've heard/read. vaginal sex hurts the first few times so i can't imagine anal would be different.
  10. momus - dull documentary
  11. wow, i hope i don't look like lily allen. :x lol
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