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  1. i wish i could meet some ae/an members like a lady i wanna go to a con with
  3. well my bday is comin up and then without even thinking about me or what i wanted to do neil just gose a head and plans with his mom to go drive like 2-3 hrs to his grand parents the day before my bday which means the day of my bday 2-3 hrs in a car on it and me watching and making sure the kids wont touch what they arent supposed to touch and then getting back late that day which means id be to tired to do anything for me bday...sounds wonderful right? also work was pissing me off at the time but they useally do because they refuse to tell me how i am good at what i do instead say i always goof off...not saying there isnt times i am being a complete goof but my job gets done everyday and i do it correctly so how is it im doing bad at my job when i make it fun and get all the crap i need to done
  4. kinda irratated but that is never new...always something id rather just not be upset or mad or have to complain about it...but then again i hardly talk about the great times had a great weekend seen death cab live was the coolest thing ever kinda always wanted to see them live thats pretty awesome to get to see them like postal service
  5. ugh so stressed but its all mine and neils fault anyways im tired been a long day....just damn tired i think i need to go to bed cause its just crazy right now...i should sell some stuff meeeh
  6. having a bad time today and stressing out :(
  7. oh ae i miss the days when you were alive with people and thriving....*pats ae* ye oldie still trying to move alone with so little members posting off and on
  8. oh my elbow kisses....weeeirrrd anime moves to a new level haha
  9. yea i was a lil bummed...lol cause i always come here to spy on the non-activity XD
  10. i remember when i thought avatar was about peoples avatars cause i didnt even really know what it was for a while... >_> then i saw preview or commerical on tv and was all what the fuck...
  11. my computer savvy friend is a manager there, he always uses there stuff to work on my computers...lol well i didnt know he saved me 70 bucks to look over my computer
  12. oh man how i am supposed to keep up with all this nerd stuff, guess im no longer cool enough to be one >_>
  13. i waaaaant a owl tattoo i think...cute lil owl
  14. i work this whole week kind of crazy...jeepers got called in today but said no cause had plans with neil and the hrs were afternoon i lose my day id rather work mornings,...tards
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