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  1. Reading old posts on here is hilarious. I'm cringing at my younger self.
  2. Mondays are an amazing reason to drink.
  3. I love all of you. Sexually.
  4. That's so fucking metal. \m/
  5. Guilty pleasure I've been watching is Big Brother Over the Top. Still love some of that shitty trashy reality TV. Also on ep 2 of Westworld, so don't spoil, I'm behind. What about everyone else!? *revival attempt part deux x100*
  6. Not currently, but last few days I've been enjoying some gin and tonics. Tried some of those hard sodas as well, the rootbeer is pretty good, I like the ginger ale too. Was disappointed in the orange cola one.
  7. It's Friday, my coworker called out, kind of happy about it so I don't have to hear pro Trump rhetoric all day. You'd think a software company in the North East USA wouldn't have many Trump supporters, you'd be wrong.
  8. Playing tons of Overwatch. Amazing game.
  9. I just looked to see Black Sabbath final tour tickets because I've only seen them once with Ozzy, (once with Dio), but that was way back in '04. The fact that this will be there last tour ever makes me want to go see it even more. My mom bought me the tickets for my 16th bday back in '04, she didn't go with me but loves Sabbath, so this time I would like to go with her. The problem is that the tickets are minimum $144 each. To me that's a bit ridiculous even for how much ass Sabbath kicks. I understand that it may even be a bargain all things considered. Still... $300 for 2 tickets... I'm sure probably add a bunch more after the fees and what not. Ughhhhh... Might be time to start calling in local radio stations. shittt
  10. I dropped in ladder a ton yesterday. The bad part is, I'm on the cusp of semi pro and pro players who don't understand the meta game. When I drop a bit further I get matched with them and they don't understand the basics. They rush when they should be on defense, they pretty much rush everytime, and they miss the ball most of the time. I have to sit on D if I wanna move up again, it gets boring...
  11. Vodka and grape soda taste like dimetapp. I love dimetapp.
  12. This is true. Though, as Crube mentioned on facebook, we can totally revive it. I was thinking. By revive, do we as a community mean an attempt to draw in new members, or just make it as close to what we knew it was?
  13. Rocket League is a competitive soccer game. The catch is you play with cars and instead of it being like a regular soccer pitch it's an indoor arena with walls you can drive on, boosts to make you fly, and insane physics that almost make it a billiards game. I highly recommend playing if you love competitive based ladder games with very high skill ceilings. If you haven't seen some game play, check it out on twitch. http://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Rocket%20League. I recommend watching Kronovi, or Gibbs as they are some of the best in the world and make it really exciting. If you do play and would like to get some ranked 2v2's or 3v3's going, or maybe even just some unranked fun, I'm down and hit me up on steam.
  14. 4,437 bottles of beer on the wall, 4,437 bottles of beer I'm nostalging so hard while writing this. I really do miss this place and what it meant to me way back in highschool. Now 10 years since I joined. 4,436 bottles of beer on the wall
  15. Currently playing Halo 5 and Rocket League. Mostly Rocket League. Before that I was obsessing with Crypt of the Necrodancer trying to get on top 100 but just couldn't, game is brutal and I've beaten it dozens of times but highscore coin runs are so fucking hard. If you like dungeon crawlers and rhythm games plus awesome music check it out.
  16. What part of Brooklyn do you live in? Both of my sisters live there and I'm there semi frequently.
  17. Doors are also bullet proof. I've played assault for so many years that if the walls were bulletproof I can pretty much spam kill any sound through walls, even people on T cameras. I got banned from UCG for "wallhacks" because of this same reason. But yea, I actually wish it was also that way. Our dust 2 server, RTV, AIM/AWP servers you can all wall in. I'm actually baked and going to hop on and play now if you want to, my mic is on also so I'll be being an asshole too. I'm pretty sure we're friends on steam, right?
  18. Yo. Go to www.ultimategamers.net make an account and play, I've logged tons of hours recently and we scrim. You can easily join, it's mostly for fun but we've scrimmed other servers like ZOD, XA, and a bunch of other people who were high up in CAL. There is a high range of play on uG. I'm mostly on assault but you can find me in Dust 2, RTV (Random maps), or our aim/awp server. Also the rules are on assault, inside by :30 seconds for CT's or slay, must go after hostages, t's cant touch ladder unless rushing roof. And the map is bulletproof, but not nadeproof. We used to have a surf server but it went defunct, I was getting boss at surfing.
  19. I have been playing so much CS 1.6 lately. Found a great server that I'm admin on. I should listen to some Nu-metal right now because I feel so 2001.
  20. Sounds interesting I'll have to give it a try.
  21. I still haven't actually met anyone outside of CT from AE, if I wasn't broke I would totally try to meet up with a few members and laugh about the good ole times.
  22. 4,441 bottles of beer on the wall, 4,441 bottles of beer And more than another year has gone and passed us by. I feel like this has become an ongoing theme. 4,440 bottles of beer on the wall
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