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  1. I remember Scott actually did try the sleep revolution briefly in our senior year of HS 2005-2006. I vaguely remember him always being tired.
  2. I've been feeling some major nostalgia for AE recently. I understand the community exists still in some ways on facebook and other social media sites. Still, nothing will be the same as when RT got hundreds of posts per day, when Vampy and GPS would argue and everyone would facepalm, Amy's randomness, Super happy fun time zone was active, we all updated each other on a daily basis about one another as we experienced growing up together. Those were some fun times and I'll always cherish them. We're all so much busier.
  3. Attack on Titan seems like a pretty awesome show. I've only seen the first episode so far, but it was exciting.
  4. Been playing some Battlefield 4 beta. Beta is buggy as hell, long load times and extreme lag. Probably says more about my 3 y/o PC.
  5. Hope everyone is having a good day! I'm going to the casino again later tonight with GPS, poker time.
  6. Got a complete in the box pikachu n64 for only $60, way under value which is awesome. ALso just found a DS lite for $5 in goodwill. God I love thrift stores. The n64 was from a local collector who bought a massive game lot for 5 grand and clearly over valued it, he doesn't want to piece it out (yet) and was willing to part with this one item. Out of all of his titles he has nothing of much value anyway.
  7. Me too, especially since you'd be saving hundreds of dollars if you got it for that price. That would probably be the find of a life time. I always check ebay, select recently posted, and buy it now, hoping that someone puts up a copy of Earthbound who doesn't know the price of it.
  8. Oh god, people are stupid. Even a factory sealed copy of earthbound only goes for about 1.5-2k USD. I imagine if it was sealed and VGA rated at about 100 crazy people would pay around 4 or 5 grand. For something REALLY rare, check this out. http://www.ebay.com/itm/111007261949 They are NEVER with the box, especially in this good of condition.
  9. $189 for earthbound is really cheap. Usually the game runs about $200-220. I emulated it a while back, it looks pretty fun but I still can't justify paying 200+ for it. I might bite at 189. Ya know, good deal and all. How is it?
  10. I didn't expect the game to be super easy, but I see what you're saying. Usually when I think JRPG I think of a tough, grinding, intense and really long game.
  11. I want to punch myself in the face as a kid, throwing out all my n64 boxes. With a lot of games the box is rarer than the actual cartridge. Also gave away a lot of games as a kid when the original X box came out. I remember thinking, ILL NEVER PLAY THESE OLD SHITTY GAMES AGAIN. Man, I was a moron. It sucks that you lost all your original systems, I have very strong memories with each and every game I own.
  12. Awesome. A turbo graphix 16 would be really awesome. Oh and I forgot, you reminded me, I also have a game cube. I'm probably forgetting other stuff.
  13. For systems I have: NES top loader SNES x2 Sega Master System Sega Genesis Sega Saturn Sega Dreamcast Nintendo 64, multiple colors include: Purple, 2 jungle green ones, a smoke black one complete in box, an original gray one complete in box and 2 other regular gray ones. So 7 n64's. X box Xbox 360 Playstation Playstation 2 slim and fat Two wii's Probably around 12 or 13 game boys including game boy pockets, game boy color pikachu edition, toys r us gold edition game boy pocket, and an original game boy complete in box. Gamegear x2 Lots of accessories to most of the systems, tons of controllers, hundreds of games. Also this sounds like a shit ton of money, which the collection is worth a lot, but I never pay full price for something. MY girlfriend and I go to thrift shops, pawn shops, flea markets, and tag sales at least 3-4 times a week and each day we will visit multiple ones. I'm very active on reddit's /r/gamecollecting. Also I don't just collect, I play all of these constantly, I have all of them plugged in in my basement.
  14. My retro game collection is really getting out of control. I need to make some trades, I have doubles of a lot of stuff. If anyone does collect or have old games and would like to trade, or sell, I'd be willing to post my collection up here.
  15. I've been playing tons of NES Tetris. My goal is to hit 100,000 points, which is probably not very good to good players, but I am able to play starting on level 9-14. Anything higher than that and I can't even tetris. But even on the 9+ levels I can't get over 40,000. My highscore is about 86,000. Besides Tetris I've been playing a ton of other stuff, I just beat Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass, and you guys might have seen my Toy Story Genesis post, I recently beat that after about 15 years of trying. It's a brutal game if any of you have played it. Today I started FF7, my first play through (sad I know), I bought the black label edition about a month ago. Also have been playing Skryrim, not sure if I want to buy Dawnguard yet.
  16. I recommend checking out the schedule online and planning what you're going to do. I normally just wing it when i go to cons as I have been to dozens at this point. Most of the fun for me is walking around and looking at all the cool cosplays. The dealers room is always a big time sink to me, there is just so much stuff to checkout. Also force yourself to talk to some people, you'll meet some cool folks.
  17. Of course. The first year I'm not going to in the last couple.
  18. Like Artie, I've only obviously met the people from CT that are on AE. I knew most of them before AE anyways, so I'm not sure that counts. I'd love an AE meetup, but at this point in my life unless it was very close by I probably wouldn't be able to make it. I know I haven't been very active on here in the past few years, and I'm pretty horrible at keeping up with people but I still cherish all the friendships I have made with everyone on here.
  19. Happy about this warm weather, having to walk everywhere is great, but not when it's freezing and windy.
  20. This video never gets old http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oWAb5NVALw ahhh im out of mana
  21. This is true. And the cake was chocolate and did in fact have peanut butter in it also.
  22. I'm pretty sure this movie can't look more like a steaming pile of shit. Well maybe if Ryan Reynolds furrows his eyebrows one more time in the trailer.
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