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  1. LOL yes, getting accused of hacking is the best, I used to be banned for it on some servers which sucked.
  2. So is using a bind macro key so you can nade spam.
  3. dammit, time to shovel. Our fucking plow isn't working.
  4. Which is why I bought Code Geass, and Gurren Lagann is hilariously awesome, but I suppose you're right about the trends.
  5. Hated Lucky Star after watching one episode and got through K-On but not enough for season 2. You must be confusing me with GPS. Also another thing is that I can still enjoy it a bit, but my problem is that this shit is being pushed down our throats as the animes to look for. It's ok if it's a niche, but when it starts to saturate the market and people believe it's objectively good that's a problem. K-On is some retarded shit, by no means a good anime, why do you think tons of anime fans stopped watching? 1998: Cowboy Bebop 2009: K-On Yep.
  6. Beat Fable 3, now GTA4, EXCEPT I CANT FIND IT. wtf.
  7. Shutter Island, loved it a lot more seeing it out of theaters after the hyper wore off. I still don't understand how it was a huge twist, they hint at it the entire time and pretty much outright tell you.
  8. Avantasia- Carry Me Over Avantasia is a band I can't believe I didn't start listening to sooner, it makes my cheesy metal heart so happy.
  9. I agree, I hate FPS multiplayer on console. Modern Warfare 2 for console and the multiplayer is a bag of dicks.
  10. Agreed. This fan service weaboo bullshit with 100 loli's or moe bullcrap is terrible.
  11. Running every day preparing for a 10 mile race with my sister. This is going to be really hard!
  12. what's up evergreen, where you been? Good seeing some members come back. AE has been pretty dead lately, most of the members that want to talk carry it out in the AE skype chat which is actually pretty active every day.
  13. Taking break with Starcraft 2 until I start training for a tournament in Flushing NYC. Just beat Bioshock 2, liked it, not as good as the first but still awesome. Next up is Fable 3 and then GTA4!
  14. So your mom wasted her money, or are you going to read that smut just because she bought it? hah.
  15. Skype is being a massive douche. The more I use skype the less I like it.
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